3 responses to “Reality TV and the authenticity of Trump”

  1. dhaller

    Interesting article. It would have been helpful if the citations (Goffman, Montemurro, Peterson, & Ware) had been included.

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  2. leftyrite

    Don’t forget plain old-fashioned debt.

    Not too terribly much substantive happening–
    that we, the people, necessarily know about.

    Fertile for propaganda, sure.

    But, it doesn’t begin to cover for the despair.

    Heroin programs, sure.

    But, let’s examine the whole situation,
    debt loads and all.

    Some people hope for chaos
    because they are in despair.

    Our institutions have useful roles to play.

    Our laws have a use, stretched as they might be.

    Throwing our toys in the air
    won’t cut it this time.

    Get a grip on the casino, above and beyond.

    Let’s move forward unafraid for as long as we can.

    And continue to adjust upward as we go.

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  3. leftyrite

    Oh,… and let’s not forget money laundering.

    If you were trying to make smuggled funds

    into money that even Scouts would spend,

    wouldn’t you want someone like Trump in the oval office?

    Worked with Reagan; put a lot of kids through Brown.

    And, it’s working (for now) with Trump.

    The Reichstag fire has’t happened, and he’s already cleaning up at clown college.

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