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8 responses to “Reed Now Supports Marriage Equality, Too”

  1. DogDiesel

    This was fun to watch. President Obama was practically dragged to the podium by another of Joe Biden’s open mouth insert foot moments. You could see the President struggle with his words and then the lap dog Reed announces. It was so laughable to watch. My one fear is that Joe Biden doesn’t feel empowered by all this. Who knows what will leave his lips next.

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  2. jgardner

    Wow… what a PR bandwagon move.

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  3. forsanri

    President Obama DOES NOT SUPPORT equal rights for gays and lesbians.  All he said was he thought people should be able to marry. 

    As the head of the Executive and Commander in Chief there are many things he could do to support equality, but he is DELIBERATELY NOT DOING THEM.

    This was another ruse to sucker the community into thinking he was going to help. 

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  4. Barry

    Reed, Biden, and above all, President Obama deserve a lot of credit for this.  The only real explanation is they believe (crrectly I think) that it is the right thing to do, as there can be no political gain, as the North Carolina results show as well as the above posts by Obama-haters that will look to castigate him no matter what he does.  I can personally sympathize with “evolving” views as 10 years ago when I ran for public office I only supported civil unions, but now I too see that that is insuffcient.  But mean spirited folks and religous zealots who care only to force their views based on ancient savagery on all of us are likely to block action even in Rhode Island.  I see no way marriage equality can get thru the Assembly even with support form our Congressional delegation and the President.

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    1. jgardner

      “deserve a lot of credit”
      Barry, are you serious? This was a no-risk political move for him. Being against equal rights for all is what conservatives do. Since he’s not logically going to win those votes anyway, his statement was really just a way to put pressure on Romney and deflect from the economy.
      If Obama was serious about equal rights, then he would have announced he was using the powers available to POTUS to make changes where he could. He didn’t, and therefore his “evolutionary” statement is nothing but a bunch of hot air.

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  5. forsanri

    Again, President Obama didn’t DO anything yesterday. 

    He didn’t change a single policy.
    He didn’t ask for the repeal of DOMA.
    He didn’t provide equal rights and benefits to gay/lesbian members of the military.
    He didn’t provide equal rights and benefits to gay/lesbian federal employees.
    He didn’t direct Eric Holder to challenge the constitutionality of NC’s law.
    He didn’t direct Eric Holder to challenge the constitutionality of DOMA.
    He didn’t issue a single executive order to any federal agency to take any action on behalf of his belief.

    The President of the United States has a HUGE amount of power and didn’t need Congressional approval to do any of the above, but he chose to use NONE of it.  Obama sheepishly admitted today the only reason he made his hollow statement was because Joe Biden misspoke.  Real. Bold. Courage.

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  6. DogDiesel

    Sorry Barry but what results did the North Carolina vote show other than the end result? You may call me an Obama hater but it doesn’t change anything. This was all politics spearheaded by the buffoon Vice President. You’re living in a fantasy world if you don’t agree. Biden forced the president’s hand. The President was practically choking on his own words. As for Reed, all of a sudden he flips? Come on Barry. By the way, I have no skin in this game. It doesn’t effect me in the least. I just find it another distraction from the real issues that effect us all.

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  7. Leonard

    OMG: Jack Reed FINALLY comes out with support for civil rights legislation? Reed’s silence on this issue is thunderous. His West Point background and numerous trips to military hotspots never acknowledged those gay Americans who serve or gave their lives for their country, even as the USA/RI denies them civil rights. Jack, did you notice much in common with the Taliban? 
    Being denied basic rights is a real issue for those out there who have such insight into real issues as to condescend and make comments on something they “have no skin”. We notice, no skin, no heart, and other organs you’ve chosen, oops, decided are relevant since they’re yours, have more important issues. There’s no doubt that skin color and gender have no meaning either. Separate drinking fountains quench thirst and bothersome child bearing is no reason to pay someone equal pay for the same job. Such distractions. The entitled classes carry such burdens ruling the rest.

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