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Aaron Regunberg is a community organizer in Providence and a state representative in House District 4.

3 responses to “Regunberg calls on state to protect the vulnerable from the ‘oncoming storm’”

  1. Samuel Bell

    Haven’t commented on RI Future in a while, probably more than a year. Our top priority probably needs to be protecting our undocumented people from the coming deportation squad ripping them out of their homes. I just don’t feel good about the chances of a Speaker who called them “illegals” and bragged about stopping their access to drivers’ licenses.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that our best shot is getting executive orders out of Gina Raimondo. A lot of this protection will have to do with the discretion law enforcement, and Gina has a lot of sway over this. And I feel like she’s better on racial issues than the Speaker. To get things through the House, I think we’d need to really push by threatening obstruction. That’s the only way I see Mattiello passing the legislation we’d need. If we want to pressure someone, it probably should be Gina.

    It’s a hard problem to solve, and there are no right answers, only less wrong ones. So feel free to chime in if you think there’s a better approach.

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  3. Barry Schiller

    Thank you Rep Regunberg for taking leadership and doing what no-one else among state elected officials is doing, calling attention to resisting the right-wing assault in ways that are reasonably practical.
    I hope there will be efforts to build a broad resistance coalition that can be effective. I think this would have resist the trash-Hillary stuff that helped get us into this mess. Remember, she got a majority of RI voters (and a plurality nation-wide)

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