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  • Report says high charter school enrollment hurts students, schools

Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “Report says high charter school enrollment hurts students, schools”

  1. Bill_Gilbert@ModerateParty

    I remember saying this at one of the debates. Good for a few children at the expense of the many

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  2. cailin rua

    Thanks for not doing a Dan McGowan. Somebody in the comments at GoLocal, who I don’t believe is in the so called progressive camp, mentioned Stephan Pryor’s “interest” in Achievement First. Looking it up just now, I found this:

    Dacia Toll (LAW ’99) and Stefan Pryor (’93 and LAW’98) were Yale Law School students
    when they first conceived the idea of Amistad Academy. . . .One of Amistad Academy’s missions and a critical reason for establishing AF was driving public
    school reform (seeExhibit 10). . .

    Those PDF’s are hard to copy and paste. I hope my quote comes out somewhat coherently I’ve often wondered what the difference between the neo-lib Democrats and Republicans is. They just represent different companies, it seems, although they all, Democrat, Republican and Trumpican seem indebted to Goldman-Sachs, ultimately, and Hasbro, locally. Corporate shills are obviously running state government, and also deeply embedded in the “activist” community that exists within the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.

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  3. RITaxpayer

    But Bob, EPI doesn’t care one iota about education. It’s all about the money. Don’t the kids count anymore? Obviously, with the results of education in RI, change is badly needed. The status quo isn’t working.

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  4. Achievement First expansion could be decided tonight

    […] There’s lots of available research to suggest Santow is correct. […]

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