Field Director at the Rhode Island AFL-CIO, former editorial staff member at the Providence Journal. Master's candidate in Labor Relations at the University of Rhode Island.

4 responses to “Projo Misses News at Doherty, Brown Event”

  1. patrick

    Wow, that’s pretty bold to accuse Phil of being a shill for the right.

    Can we expect the same posted criticism from you after the Journal covers every Cicilline event and there’s no mention in the article of what conservatives think? 

  2. RightToWork

    Wow, a dozen people holding signs at an intersection – HUGE news. The Projo must be biased for not getting quotes from some random sign-holders at a political fundraising event.

  3. DogDiesel

    “Not only was there no mention of the other side’s views in this story, there wasn’t even any mention of the protesters outside the entrance to the country club. Members of Planned Parenthood and several labor groups were outside the event to make attendees and passers-by aware of extreme right-wing positions Mr. Doherty has staked out for his campaign. My question is: How is this not news?”
    What extreme right wing views? What were they protesting? You just did the same as you accused Marcelo. Even worse, you took a photo sent to you by Pat Crowley and posted it with his spin. Are you and RI Future the mouth piece for the NEA? Sorry, that last one was admittedly a rhetorical question.

  4. patrick

    How long until you write another post about Phil Marcelo not mentioning the conservative side in this story about Hoyer stumping for Cicilline?

    Are you going to admit that you’re doing the same thing you accused Marcelo of (not telling both sides) or are you going to write it, that Marcelo should have asked the Doherty camp for their opinions? 

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