Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

4 responses to “RI delegation is concerned about Rex Tillerson”

  1. Rex Tillerson: ‘The era of any pretense is over’

    […] Phew, got that off my chest. Now it’s time to heed Senator Reed’s advice and focus on the Russians. […]

  2. Greg Gerritt

    If Reed is unwilling to organize a filibuster, then he is faking it.

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  3. PinkHatLib

    “Because Tillerson has ties to Russia and the CIA suspects Russia meddled with the election in an effort to benefit Trump.”

    Gasp! Ties to Russia? Blacklist him! (imho this kind of red baiting has no place on progressive sites like this one)

    If the CIA has any evidence of Russian meddling they should immediately disclose it. If not, we should give that unsubstantiated claim exactly the weight it deserves. This is the same organization we were led to believe had “evidence” that aluminum tubes for irrigation could only be used for missiles, and that Iraq had mobile anthrax labs and ties to al Qaeda. Come on, Bob. I think your bs detector must be on the fritz.
    1/ The DNC hackers inserted the name of the founder of Russian intelligence, in Russian, in the metadata of the hacked documents. Why would the G.R.U., Russian military intelligence do that?

    2/ If the hackers were indeed part of Russian intelligence, why did they use a free Russian email account, or, in the hack of the state election systems, a Russian-owned killchain2server? Does Russian intelligence normally display such poor tradecraft?

    3/ Why would Russian intelligence, for the purposes of hacking the election systems of Arizona and Illinois, book space on a Russian-owned server and then use only English, as documents furnished by Vladimir Fomenko, proprietor of Kings Servers, the company that owned the server in question, clearly indicate?

    4/ Numerous reports ascribe the hacks to hacking groups known as APT 28 or “Fancy Bear” and APT 29 or “Cozy Bear.” But these groups had already been accused of nefarious actions on behalf of Russian intelligence prior to the hacks under discussion. Why would the Kremlin and its intelligence agencies select well-known groups to conduct a regime-change operation on the most powerful country on earth?

    5/ It has been reported in the New York Times, without attribution, that U.S. intelligence has identified specific G.R.U. officials who directed the hacking. Is this true, and if so, please provide details (Witness should be sworn)

    6/ The joint statement issued by the DNI and DHS on October 7 2016 confirmed that US intelligence had no evidence of official Russian involvement in the leak of hacked documents to Wikileaks, etc, saying only that the leaks were “consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.” Has the US acquired any evidence whatsoever since that time regarding Russian involvement in the leaks?

    7/ Since the most effective initiative in tipping the election to Donald Trump was the intervention of FBI Director Comey, are you investigating any possible connections he might have to Russian intelligence and Vladimir Putin?

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  4. Johnnie

    The RI congressional delegation is apparently not concerned with Trump’s other nominees, and the attacks that are sure to come against working people, only with the secretary of state. Why?
    Why doesn’t Rick Perry at the EPA or any of the other right-wing cabalists “concern” them?

    Let them explain to us why Rex Tillison’s ties to Russia are a concern for Washington’s two-party war bloc. Do they worry that Tillison won’t be up for a war with Russia? Like wind-up dolls, these congressional peacocks are peddling conspiracy theories about Russian hacking and election interference — with absolutely no proof — and preparing uninformed and seriously ignorant Americans, through no fault of their own, for war with Russia…. with the certifiable nut-job McCain leading the charge.

    The US-NATO war bloc has deployed troops and armaments all along Russia’s western European border from the Baltic States to the Ukraine. They have absorbed most of the former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO, which they promised they would not do. The US has deployed a new anti-ballistic missile system in Romania with another set to go online in Poland — which are in affect nuclear first-strike weapons. And the Nobel laureate Obama and Congress have begun a trillion-dollar nuclear weapons modernization program with a focus on nuclear tipped cruise missiles and low-yield nuclear weapons, making their use more likely. And the US has engineered — in collaboration with neo-nazis — a coup in the Ukraine to deprive Russia of control of the pipelines which bring Russian natural gas to Europe through the Ukraine, and to deprive them of their warm water port and base in the Crimea. You can actually hear US Ambassador Victoria Nuland picking who will become the next Ukrainian President.

    So Russia annexed the Crimea. What the hell did they expect them to do?

    The US and NATO attacked seven muslim countries during the Obama (hope) administration. They destabilized and created failed states, and murdered or displaced millions of refugees in North Africa, Southwest Asia and the Middle East. They arm terrorist groups – on their own terrorist watch lists – to use as proxy armies. Then create a surveillance state at home to “protect” us from the terrorists they train, equip and provide logistics to— for as long as they are useful.

    Tulsi Gabbard recently introduced a bill in Congress to prevent the US from arming terrorists. She said the US should not be allowed to arm and fund groups — such as al Qaeda, al Nusra and their offshoots — that would result in prison time for any American doing the same. Imagine: We have to pass a law so the US doesn’t arm and give comfort to those we are supposed to be fighting. If you read anything but the American press, you would also know the military and the CIA are arming and funding groups that are actually fighting each other. We are funding both sides. But there is a method to their madness.

    Write your congressmen — who dutifully fund these wars, insanity and more — and ask for an explanation as to who are soldiers are fighting and why.

    They recently approved a bi-partisan $619 billion-dollar National Defense Authorization Act, without much debate or fanfare. They apparently agree on some things.

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