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2 responses to “RI Democratic Party doesn’t want to endorse Trump voter after all”

  1. cailin rua

    As was pointed out by a commenter @ Uprise, the party removed its endorsements, only, in the case of Earnheart and Taylor Coolman and did not endorse either Moira Walsh or Marcia Ranglin-Vassell. Neither Walsh nor Ranglin-Vassell will be able to take advantages of the perquisites of endorsed candidates.

    Of the incumbents mentioned above, only Calkin voted against the PawSox giveaway. The Moderate candidate, along w/ Democrat John Sheehan, has pointed out the eminent domain issues involved, which is a serious concern that not even the 38Studios giveaway presented.

    GoLocal, predictably, has taken advantage of the discord to spin its own conclusions.

    The Democrats are corrupt in so many ways. The “Progressives” are more like the so-called “liberal Republicans” of old. The Democratic Party in this state only seems to provide safe harbor for different stripes of Republicans. Will we have to go through the Black Lodge(Fung) to be able to enter the White Lodge(is the White Lodge any better than the Black Lodge)? This is another David Lynch horror scenario with, eminent domain embarked upon on behalf of the uber wealthy by the so called Progressives. Some may call this “progress” but not me. The Democratic Party is coopted beyond recognition.

    A truly progressive news site would be issues oriented and provide vote trackers for each piece of legislation. As it is, only a cult of personality is created with no real accountability provided by those who critique the political landscape.

    I might add, the Involuntary Commitment legislation was a controversial piece of legislation that no reporting was done on in the self dubbed progressive media, as was none done on the PawSox deal. I don’t have time to look into the exact history of the Involuntary Commitment legislation and who voted for each version but I think any truly dedicated journalist with any kind of objectivity whould have covered the story.

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  2. cailin rua

    One positive thing I have to say about R I Future is that this site does not seem to hold each comment in moderation as does the other one run by a writer whose articles used to appear at this blog. Uprise appears to be a censorious venue. I could be wrong because I don’t use a Facebook page to sign in and it may be the Google and WordPress formats that are the problem. Still, none of my comments, there, that have been published have been published spontaneously as they are here. Thanks for that, at least.

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