Lauren Niedel is currently District 40 State Committeewoman & on the Board of Our Revolution-RI

8 responses to “The RI Democratic Party isn’t very democratic”

  1. Sally Jane Wilson

    You are spinning your wheels, Lauren. Mattiello does not even subscribe to the platform of the party, nor obviously, do any of the ‘executive members’. The party is already in the strong grip of oligarchs who are pro gun violence and anti women and reproductive rights. The dems say the ONLY way we can wrest our Democracy from the fascist arm of the SINGLE political party of oligarchs is to “unite” the party. NONSENSE! The dems did everything they needed to in their unconstitutional, seditious actions to get the idiot despot elected. They are the same pigs, but they have a prettier shade of lipstick. You will never have their respect, because you are not giving them enough money and you question their acts of treason as they work in concert to disassociate themselves from the marginalized communities of this state/country.
    Also, you might want to proofread your work. I don’t edit here anymore and I don’t think anyone does.

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  2. Sally Jane Wilson

    LOL! The moment I posted the above there were 4 + votes on my comment. That’s kinda silly.

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  3. leftyrite

    Not if it’s market research

    or opinion polling, Sally Jane.

    May I call you that… Sally?

    Alas, I fear that I have overstepped my bounds.

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  4. leftyrite

    OK, I have to admit that this is all funny to me.

    I have this keyboard; I have this disposition.

    I should have my own radio station.

    Angelo: What do you mean?

    I mean, like Chuck Stevens.

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  5. leftyrite

    That minus one, aka, (-1) killed.

    French fries!

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  6. leftyrite


    Wanna start that stuff?


    Beat ya.

    I’m out, too.


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  7. Barry Schiller

    Hey Lauren, hang in there, whether we like it or not, the Democratic Party is essentially the only game in town to rule RI and the only real political force to counter the Trump regime in coming elections.
    I’m not surprised its not very democratic, few organizations are. In my experience that includes the RI House of Representatives where one person has much of the power, environmental organizations, unions, math societies, – even Resist Hate RI where at the last meeting much of the discussion was what to do about the perceived lack of democracy there!
    But I wouldn’t worry too much about the Sanders-Clinton factional disputes – its largely symbolic or philosophical, on most issues that are really in play there is not that much difference between them. Happy New Year!

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  8. leftyrite

    I remember the enthusiasm of 2009 and the hope that Barack Obama’s victory brought.
    However, it was soon made clear to the children that they should not enjoy their mandate too long–or really, at all.

    Remember the Blue Dog democrats? I do.

    The Blue Dogs served notice that they would be a permanent feature of Party life, and the Party, the media, and the liberal wealth of this country agreed to peacefully co-exist. No problem.

    The rightwing dems threatened, they were in the press every day, the media loved it.

    A permanent Social Democratic caucus is long overdue, one that cannot be ruled from any capitol dome or state house.

    However, it is here that we always tend to stall.

    We need moral, ethical, joyous Social Democrats, who are also tough, tough, tough.

    Tough and as smart as their opponents. Smarter.

    Shouldn’t be too hard. Think of the intellectual power and financial intensity of both coasts.

    If the country is to be renewed, it will be with the help and expertise of people with a tremendous appetite for toleration and diversity.

    These folk tend to be gentler and smarter.

    Lifestyle politics, which ultimately will be Social Democratic politics, will take over in a beautiful place like New England.

    Nobody wants a fascist environment, only the damaged and benumbed.

    As disgust mounts, so, perhaps, will commitment to the good and to the decent rise and assert itself.

    In the meantime, we do, indeed, eat well in the kitchen. And stronger, too.

    Please continue to shun us, and we’ll continue our graceful, even grateful, progress.

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