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William J. Conley, Jr. is a Democrat representing Rhode Island Senate District 18, which includes portions of East Providence and Pawtucket. He is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and is the prime sponsor of legislation to subsidize a new PawSox stadium.

2 responses to “Rhode Islanders invited to participate in PawSox hearings”

  1. Greg Gerritt

    The new site is a good site for a stadium, but subsidizing millioniares just makes everyone else poorer. Unfortunately subsidizing millionaires seems to be the only thing RI knows how to do for economic development. The millionaires can build their own stadium.

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  2. Barry Schiller

    Greg is right. Senator Conley, while properly emphasizing transparency and opportunity for pubic comment, seems to have already bought the Sox owners line, to be expected from a Senator from Pawtucket. But the rest of the state should resist risking millions, potentially tens of millions, of tax dollars for the benefit of the owners for a minor league team that not that many care about. The idea that it would “pay for itself” should suggest it should be entirely financed by team owners since they claim it is such a good deal. What they really mean is that payroll and sales taxes related to their team should be used not for general government like all other payrolls and sales taxes, but for their business. If every company insisted on this there would be no state money for schools, medicaid, parks, state police, prisons, public higher education etc. Finally, if the operation tanks, we know from 38 Studios that the taxpayers will inevitably be on the hook to pay back all the bonds. Thus, at the least, before a dollar of bonds is issued for this, the public should have a chance to vote to approve the bonds as we do for PUBLIC roads, colleges, water treatment facilities, parks, etc.

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