Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “RI Progress Report: Arbor Day, Netroots Nation, Medical Marijuana, Muslim Brotherhood, Maria Cimini, ALEC”

  1. wendy

    “It’s not just here in Rhode Island that ALEC is being exposed.  It’s actually a nation-wide trend.”

    Right, and the PROJO has been pretty lame and late in saying anything.  I have written to the named legislators connected with ALEC and the senate and house leadership with variants of:

    Dear Sir,
    I can’t believe you’d have anything to do with ALEC, which is clearly pushing a corporate and conservative
    GOP agenda..
    Please make some public statement explaining your connection and severing it!

    Thank you,

    Wendy,  Democrat



  2. Rouges Island

    Please be advised RI was only the second state to legalize Medical Marijuana by it’s legislature.
    It never reached the voters. Hawaii was the other State that legalized it by it’s legislators.
    The other 11 states, voters approved it.
    SEN.REED, SEN. WHITEHOUSE, Rep. Langevin, Rep. Cicilline,, Your four FEDERAL GUYS are suppose to be doing our business for RHODE ISLAND in DC. Why are you four letting the Feds beat us up on the Compassion Centers & now this bonehead statement form Mr. Nerhona.
    FYI, I received emails from the Drug Alliance Policy, & used their link to sen our Senators a letter supporting medical marijuana FEDERALLY.
    Anyone want to read the email replies I received from Sen Reeed & Sen Whitehouse?
    You would think from their reply, I was supporting herion stands on every street corner.
    NOV 2012 is a decison time.
    Maybe it is time for a real change, we need leadership, and we need it now.
    Anyone know why Reed & Whitehouse have not intervened on behalf of the RHODE ISLAND Legislators who voted to approve MM?

  3. DogDiesel

    As to the Muslim Brotherhood flap, lets call his claim a stretch. That being said, we apparently have no problem borrowing from China who regularly violate human rights, force abortions, and imprison dissidents that we ultimately need to provide refuge for in order to send money to a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. The US spent $52 Billion in aid to other countries not counting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Putting that in perspective, the Buffet Rule so loudly touted by Democrats would have only raised $47 Billion over ten years. $52 Billion in one year and $47 Billion over ten years. Do the math.

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