Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

3 responses to “RI Should Lead, Not Follow, On Pot Legalization”

  1. cailin rua

    Marijuana is nothing like alcohol, therefore, it should not be “regulated like alcohol”.  I think any kind of legislation proposed or enacted should place that fact in the forefront of any discussion about marijuana.

    Taxation is a bad idea.  It will create another bureaucracy and eventually make us dependent on the revenue which will create pressure to promote sales.  Marijuana use should not be promoted the way beer is and cigarettes were.  It shouldn’t be promoted, at all.

    The real solution is for the state to get out of the way on this one except for preventing the commercialization of marijuana production.  People should be allowed to grow and share for personal use but sale of marijuana should remain illegal.

    Marijuana prohibition and the justification for it has to be one of the greatest scams of all time.  Ultimately, it has all been about money and make work projects for the bureaucracy that was left behind after alcohol prohibition.  It’s time to stop throwing money down a hole and take money out of the equation entirely.  We all know how that will end up, I suppose.  More money, more bureaucracy, more power for legislators and bureaucrats.  If only the public would wake up and use a little common sense. 

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  2. jgardner

    I agree that RI should be leading and not following here. And if enough states legalize the plant, hopefully there’ll be enough pressure on the Feds to remove it from the substance control list and we can finally be moving towards a more saner drug policy. At that point I’d also like to see the President commute the sentences of anyone in Federal prison for a non-violent drug crime.

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  3. leftyrite

    This would also be a good time to think about the benefits that throwback thinking might have on our consciences when welded with the true realities of our day.

    Sorry. Not everyone wants to be a lego character.

    Some people would like to move forward with invention and creativity.

    Neil Young, who has written a breakout book on the subject, has the credentials of absolutely the most successful rock musician in the world, with the exception of McCartney and Dylan.

    All he has done, among hundreds of other projects, is to start a school for neurologically different kids, as Neil himself is, in a most gifted way.

    He’s sent off ideas to Lionel trains and to the American government, particularly the immigration law offices, as well as the auto industry. He’s dabbled with, and continues to develop, a ’59 Lincoln Continental that runs on biofuel. Millions of Americans can understand such daring and get a kick out of it.

    He has held concerts and sold audiences on his distinctly live performances for half a century.

    Why should he not be considered an enlightened human being?

    And he wants more. In a seventeen minute rock-out on his latest album, he spells out his blue whale idea that life and rock and invention and creativity are not dead for him.

    He wants to walk like a giant. 

    Which is good, because he’s worth taking seriously. And, in context.

    He’s one live, interesting avatar.

    They’re like rare marlins, I would suppose. 

    When I listen to Neil Young’s quiet piano,

    I understand better that

    there are so many stars in the firmament.

    (A toast, dedicated to you, Jean, and to you, Neil.)

    To a better society!!

    To righteousness as a Voyager ideal,

    realizable creation of the conscious man

    particle in reality, where it shines still, in the heliopause,

    brought into physical being by humankind

    with rock and roll lp augmentation, introduced to the cosmos

    in the real, physical world,

    by the welding and melding

    of learning, imperative, and heart’s desire.

    To invention!

    To the idea of an American republic, rebuilt.

    To New England,

    the eminent hope laboratory,

    the partner in grace on the Earth.

    To the energy that we draw upon

    from our blue and green world in order 

    to live.

    Onward, in peace, for peace,
    Onward for science.
    Onward in invention.
    Onward for preservable love. 

    Onward,for what makes
    the world
    blue and green.

    Onward for the best in us. 


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