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4 responses to “RI Teacher Resigns on YouTube; Cites Test Scores”

  1. heatherl

    I was recently part of a book discussion with an education administrator. The book was Out Of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative by Ken Robinson. The talk around the table was of the lack of creativity in craft projects in elementary school, why so many worksheet style, plug and play turkeys and snowmen? We discussed teacher’s caution at trying new ideas for fear of diverting from set path. Next thing we know, the administrator is talking about students’ difficulty taking a particular standardized test using a mouse because they were all so used to having a touch screen. He felt his challenge was to find creative ways to help these kids take their tests successfully with technology they aren’t used to. Maddening that his urge to be creative was driven by test performance (anxiety). We need an education coup!

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  2. Texas Parents Opt Out

    How depressing to hear personal testimony from another great teacher who is leaving the profession because they are sick and tired of being coerced by the administration to inflict abuse on children.  Very few educators are courageous enough to speak out against crappy policies and procedures that are HARMFUL to children and their development.  This teacher’s group of 2nd graders are the biggest losers of all.  They have lost a great teacher before the year is even half over.  If you are a parent and you want to help improve schools for all children, join the Opt Out Movement today.  The system of high-stakes/standardized testing that is forcing great teachers to resign, needs to be abolished.

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  3. leftyrite

    Well, as most people know, the Newtown, Connecticut massacre happened a few hours ago. All of the facts aren’t in yet, but a poignant one is that one of the teachers murdered was killed by her own son, the lone gunman

    What to do? What to say? What to write?

    I taught for enough years to know that I have the right to “speak” from my heart on this subject; I don’t need the local Fox affiliate, or its psychic analog, to tell me when it’s alright.

    Wrote about a benumbing process not so long ago. People get worn down. This is how it happens.

    Lost one of my fave teachers recently to cancer. She was tough as nails with a heart as big as East Providence. You could always find her after school, and if you weren’t there for “a reason,” she’d talk to you, and you’d realize just how brilliant and charming she was. (She could both smile and frown with the same megawatt intensity.)

    In class, it was all business, but so blessed much of it was inspiring!  She made the myths of the Greeks and the tales of Homer live. Knowing the value of a good story, she could tell one with disarming verve and panache.

    Her character and professionalism were unassailable; she knew right from wrong and had internalized those lessons long before she arrived at Central Junior High.

    She wasn’t in Newtown today, but, in a way, she was. She was the one hugging the kids and calming them down. She was the one leading them out of the building. That’s her over there, maybe, lying on the floor. Because it’s for sure that she’d never leave.

    Jean, I miss you so much. Come back and guide me. Please. 

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  4. DeweyGalRI

    I thank this teacher for speaking out. So few in public education, especially Providence, can speak the truth. How can anyone – student or teacher alike – learn in an atmosphere of only fear and judgment? It’s the opposite of what education should be. I am sure this teacher has been dismissed as a “bad” teacher and that many will think he is complaining. So thank you for taking a public stance. I hope you can find a way to contribute  positively since you have such a great understanding of what kids need and what they are not getting. 

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