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  1. Rudy Cheeks

    I have so many memories of Richard from so many different endeavors. I was the adviser to the student newspaper at RIC for many years and we would discuss how the student writers were doing. I would always encourage the staff writers at the paper to take Richard’s courses. Back in the 1980’s I remember the bowling fundraisers at Chip’s, the underground alley on North Main St. in Providence. One year, I got to bowl with Bill McLaughlin, the historian from Brown. And of course, drinking beers with Richard at watering holes around the city. But, mostly, Richard (along with Henry Shelton) operated as my conscience. They would buttonhole me when I saw them (used to see Richard a lot on the RIPTA buses) and let me know of the most recent and urgent goings on in the community. Of course, I had to write about these things in the Phoenix and I am so grateful to Richard for letting me know about the important stories that were going on on a grass roots level and not showing up in the Journal or the broadcast news. Richard Walton was one of the building blocks or our community and I was very blessed to have known him.

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