Wendy Holmes is Professor Emerita at URI and the Education Coordinator for the RIPDA

3 responses to “Progressive Dems oppose educational experiment on RI students”

  1. leftyrite


    The most memorable people in my life

    are the ones who were good to me,

    who took the time and made the effort

    to show that they cared about me.

    The ones who connected.

    My least favorite “teachers” were

    the ones who were hooked up with the latest program

    and desperately eager

    to show how on board they were.



    apple cake.


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  2. riprotest

    Excellent article Wendy. I’ll add private/ public partnerships have too often suffered wheat and chaff syndrome. The for profit privater gets wheat and the public citizens the chaff end of the economics.

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  3. jasonappel

    I’d like to provide a different perspective. First of all, to say that personalized learning is, “…grounded in digital activity or content” is completely false and missing the point. Personalized learning is grounded in highly skilled educators changing classroom practice to best meet the needs of each student, rather than what is most convenient for teachers and schools. I do agree that purchasing a so-called adaptive program and sticking kids in front of it without changing your teaching practice is definitely not personalized learning and should be opposed.

    I teach high school mathematics. My students progress through learning playlists that I have created (not purchased) which enable my students to work at their own pace and in their own way. I spend the entire class period working with them one on one or in small groups. There is substantially more human connection in my class now than there ever was when I was standing up in front of the class talking at them. “Teaching and learning are deeply human activities”…I couldn’t agree more. Research shows us that no two students learn in the same way. Our practice must change to reflect that. Effective use of technology makes it possible to meet the needs of all of our students.

    Before criticizing the personalized learning movement, I encourage you to see it in action. I and many others doing similar work invite folks into our classrooms all the time. You can learn more about what is happening in my classroom on the blog on my web site, jasonkappel.com.

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