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2 responses to “Sewage Treatment Gets Legislative Treatment”

  1. Alias Smith

    Jon “Mitt” Brien’s follow up to his “Let Woonsocket Go Broke” opinion piece will be “Let Them Eat Sewage.” 

  2. Barry

    Tom is right about high Providence metro area sewer bills that have about quadrupled in a just a relatively few years.  This is largely to benefit property owners along the Bay and the various users of the Bay who do not pay for the upgrades, caused in part by their driving and parking in the metro area leading to the runoff that must be captured in storms at great expense.  To add insult to injury, the sewage authority, the Narragansett Bay Commission has made customers pay monthly instead of quarterly (as the Water Supply Board charges) and they have made it harder to pay the bills n onger clllected by alocal banks, nor do they have an office in the city.  All this has eroded support for clean water initiatives.

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