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Steve Ahlquist is an award-winning journalist, writer, artist and founding member of the Humanists of Rhode Island, a non-profit group dedicated to reason, compassion, optimism, courage and action. The views expressed are his own and not necessarily those of any organization of which he is a member.

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"We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” - Elie Weisel

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." - Desmond Tutu

"There comes a time when neutrality and laying low become dishonorable. If you’re not in revolt, you’re in cahoots. When this period and your name are mentioned, decades hence, your grandkids will look away in shame." - David Brooks

9 responses to “Former inspectors allege safety issues with Spectra pipeline project”

  1. We were told to shut up or quit –Spectra Energy whistleblowers | SpectraBusters

    […] Steve Ahlquist, RI, 30 November 2015, Former inspectors allege safety issues with Spectra pipeline project, […]

  2. Former Spectra Employees Speak Out! | FRRACS

    […] for all of the details. Then be sure to check out Steve Ahlquist ‘s breaking article detailing the whistleblower’s story that’s post… There are too many details to share in this email. But one important thing to know is that Spectra […]

  3. Former Inspectors Allege Safety Issues With Spectra Pipeline Project » We Are Cove Point

    […] By Steve Ahlquist for […]

  4. The Enviro Show Gets Wasted | The Enviro Show

    […] by phytoplankton”. Are you listening, Rep. Jeff Duncan? Also we have already Broken News from Rhode Island: Two safety inspectors who worked on Spectra Energy’s proposed methane gas pipeline that will cut […]

  5. Robots Protect the Rainforest and Pipelines to Blow You Up | Suicide By Profit

    […] got an email from Sane Energy the other day with a link to an article about Spectra Energy’s lack of safety oversight for their pipeline projects. Two former inspectors, who were basically fired for doing their jobs have talked to the press […]

  6. Burrillville Town Council argues with, disappoints residents on gas expansion project

    […] when Nick Katkevich of FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas) handed out copies of a recent story in RI Future in which two former Spectra safety inspectors alleged dangerous working conditions on Spectra’s […]

  7. Former Inspectors Allege Safety Issues with Spectra Pipeline | Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE)

    […] View full report […]

  8. A pipeline’s being expanded 400 ft from my home – wouldn’t you be worried? | Courtney M Williams – Enjeux énergies et environnement

    […] former safety inspectors for the Aim pipeline have come forward to blow the whistle on Spectra’s safety practices. They say that pipe parts and welds that were supposed to be […]

  9. PA gas pipeline explosion predicted by whistleblowers

    […] cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, but it’s hard not to think about a conversation I had with two Spectra Energy inspectors in November who claimed that the company cut corners in building […]

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