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5 responses to “Stage set for progressives to take over Rhode Island”

  1. cailin rua

    This appears to me to be a gross distortion:

    “And Rep. Moira Jayne Walsh is campaigning against fellow Democrat Michael Earnheart for District 3 (Providence), who appears to posit himself as pro-business and, given a recent tweet congratulating the Providence RIPD on a fentanyl bust, perhaps markedly distinct from Rep. Walsh’s vocal opposition to increased policing of controlled substances during her stand against Kristen’s Law.”

    “Walsh’s vocal opposition to increased policing of controlled substances”???

    How do arrive at that conclusion? It appears to me Walsh is for decriminalization of addiction. What does keeping black market fentanyl off the streets have to with treating people who have addictions humanely?

    You pointed out that ‘Moira Walsh “didn’t put up a fight” regarding the hike in licensing fees[for dispensaries]’ in a previous article. That was a disappointment but characterizing her the way you do distorts her motivations for opposing stricter and harsher penalties for people dealing with drug addictions. As I recall, the fentanyl bust involved 2 pounds of fentanyl. People dealing on that level don’t seem to me what Walsh is concerned about. The whole issue of fentanyl, how it became a street drug is a long, convoluted tale as is the way the drug has killed so many unsuspecting people. The current politics, focusing away from harm reduction and turning a medical issue into a law enforcement issue is almost genocidal. It’s the faux populist politicos who are the ones who should be held accountable.

    Two of the “progressives” you mention on your list chose not to vote on Kristin’s bill – a total cop out in my book. Jason Knight and Lauren Carson voted for it. Does a single issue stance on gun control by a person who worked in our very oppressive criminal justice system as a prosecutor really qualify someone as a progressive??? Jason Knight voted for Kristin’s Law. Does concern about the property values of your property and that of your wealthy neighbors really make you an environmentalist? Lauren Carson voted for Kristin’s Law, also. These people are not part of the solution. They’re part of the problem.

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  2. cailin rua

    . . . and Regunberg, Ajello, and Ranglin-Vassell along w/ Knight and Carson voted to have the working classes subsidize the Earls of the Pawtucket Red Sox who will now break their promise to flee. . . pathetic . . . when a promise is mistaken for a threat . . . just pathetic. How much will Murray, Ryan, and the others continue to influence Rhode Island tax and public policy from wherever they happen to be summering and wintering? Pathetic. And, who will Alan Hassenfeld fund next, from Florida, where he took his stolen money to? Just pathetic.

    Why no analyses from these pages or Uprise on the PawSox con job?

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  3. leftyrite

    Tinkering around the edges.

    Yeah, people will continue to attempt it.

    But the action is moving elsewhere.

    People who have spent their lives building a stake


    Few of the above care about smart, impatient stakeholders.

    Aaron Regunberg is one of the few of the above that has distinguished himself.

    Sure hope that there are many others.

    Right now, I feel as if I’m subsidizing Comcast, the National Grid, Trump Hotels

    and Trump Prisons.

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  4. cailin rua

    “We will not end the nightmare. We will only explain it because this is . . . .:”


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  5. leftyrite

    Here’s a thought:

    Someone in Little Rhody knows Barbra Streisand well.

    Barbra, if recent reading bears out, has her metaphorical bags packed.

    Send her a few photos of Aaron.

    There’s some bread right there.

    Plus, we’ll all get a kick out of what she’ll have to say.

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