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4 responses to “State To Hold Arts Economy Forum Today At Fidelity”

  1. leftyrite

    Hey, now that’s a swell invitation, tendered as it is at the last minute a couple of days after a blizzard.

    No problem. As Groucho once said, “I wouldn’t join any country club that would have me.”

    Kinda sorta feel the same. 

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  2. cailin rua

    Because Fidelity cares about Rhode Island.  Of Course!

    Will Lorenzo de’ Medici be there or is he headed south to the meeting at the American Enterprise Institute with Deborah Gist?


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  3. Mark Binder

    It’s funny, but I didn’t even hear about this. I’d have gone.

    But I will take the opportunity to talk about a direct way of supporting the arts. 
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    With about 60 hours left, the Cinderella Spinderella project needs only 100 people to donate $12 each.
    Please take a look at the video, pick your reward and back the project.
    And thanks!

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  4. cailin rua

    This is very interesting.  Capitol Television taped the whole proceeding on the Smithfield, a “campus” that was built on land that was appropriated by eminent domain belonging to a company that is subsidized by R I taxpayers to the tune of 17 million. 

    This program was put together, ostensibly, to discuss “creative” ways of developing the economy. Really, however, most of what I heard was “tax credits”, “tax credits” and “investment strategies”.  Neil Steinberg was there.  The writing on the wall is loud and clears – strategic giving, tax shelters, tax credits.  

    I have a Marcel Duchamp image lingering in my mind’s eye. 

    Looks like an invitation only event . . . based on on annual income . . . net worth . . . estate planning?  I understand why this was kept under wraps.  

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