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11 responses to “Still Waiting for Doherty’s Uncommon Integrity”

  1. Samuel Bell

    Let’s not forget that Doherty tried to plant a spy in the Cicilline campaign.

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  2. DogDiesel

    Let’s not forget that:
    David Cicilline raided the city’s rainy day found without council approval in violation of this city charter and put off the city auditor until after the election. That was before he lied to the electorate. Since then other revelations include David’s PEDP gave out noncollectable loans to at least one campaign worker and failed to report loan defaults in order to avoid having to reimburse the federal government from city coffers. But you’ll just blame Carceiri for David’s depravity. Attacking Doherty’s integrity to pump up Cicilline is beyond desperate.

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  3. patrick

    “What actually happened is Brendan Doherty’s political godfather Don Carcieri cut off state aid to cities”

    False. It was Democrat and Providence native Steven Costantino who did that. The Governor merely recommends and suggests and the General Assembly is the one who actually does the dirty work. If you believe the Governor has that much power then why did many of Chafee’s new taxes and initiatives die in the Assembly?

    And why did the aid need to be cut? Because it was the General Assembly who has also over-promised benefits and couldn’t make ends meet.

    If we’re going to make this argument, let’s at least be intellectually honest about it.

    Oh and I love the reference to how Cicilline may have, eh, “fudged the facts” a little bit. That’s about the closest we’ll see to you calling him a liar, eh? 

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  4. leftyrite

    Say what you want about David Cicciline, but admit that the man is brilliant and that he understands real-world politics inside and out.

    People are tired of trickle down rightwing radicalism disguised in the form of no-nonsense cops or military men. 

    Maybe good cops and soldiers are sick of the political right, too. Tired of being sent into hell.

    This place is not Honduras yet, and all of the Vitalis and scheming in the world is not going to change that.

    Expect Doherty to go for the spine, for the medulla oblongata.

    Now, there’s a common sense insight.

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  5. DogDiesel

    Say what you want about David Cicciline, but admit that the man is brilliant and that he understands real-world politics inside and out.”
    Sorry lefty but David Cicilline’s track record shows no understanding of world politics. All that is demonstrated by his track record is how to win by deception. That isn’t exactly worldly.

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  6. Really

    I have nothing against Brendan, but he is not the right candidate for RI, he is not right for us. We need someone to stand up for Women-David has always done that. I trust David in Washington more than I trust Doherty.


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    1. patrick

      Seriously? You’re using the word “trust” and “Davd” in the same sentence? Are you Cicilline’s mother or something? How many times do you have to get crapped on until you realize that someone wants to crap on you? 

      By the way, I got this great bridge for sale. Any reasonable offer accepted. 

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    2. DogDiesel

      Unfortunately, Cicilline backers are missing the larger picture when they forgive David Cicilline for his lies. He claims to be for the people but when confronted with a financial crisis as mayor of Providence, he chose to hide it from the people. Any decent mayor would have tried to attack the crisis but that may have stood in the way of his ascension to Congress. He sacrificed the well being of Providence and it’s taxpayers for his personal gain. If he abandoned his constituents once, why would you trust him not to do it again.

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  7. PinkHatLib

    “He claims to be for the people but when confronted with a financial crisis as mayor of Providence, he chose to hide it from the people. Any decent mayor would have tried to attack the crisis…”

    That’s simply false, and I suspect based on your knowledge of his administration that started with a single statement he made at the end of his term. Yes, here in Providence, houses were going into foreclosures in the neighborhoods, the city was renegotiating contracts with the unions and the nonprofits and losing millions in state aid, but we were fooled by that one comment presumably because we only listen to right-wing talk radio, who couldn’t have cared less about Providence’s fiscal condition until there was political hay to be made for a Republican candiate. Ah, baloney.

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    1. DogDiesel

      “the city was renegotiating contracts with the unions”
      You mean selling out to the fire fighters to avoid the picket lines at his political events which they had done before. Remember, he was forced to resign from Hilary’s campaign for fear of picketing. Why would the mayor skirt the city council to raid the rainy day fund if he wasn’t trying to hide the crisis?

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      1. PinkHatLib

        Actually I was thinking of the contract with Local 1033. It’s a bit hard to find this stuff now, but here’s an example from 2009…
        “Mayor offers plan to close $17M deficit”

        *** quote ***
        In a news release that blamed the budget crisis on “the economic downturn and lack of sufficient funding from the state,” Cicilline’s office outlined a series of wage and benefit cuts that have been agreed to by the Laborers International Union of North America Local 1033, the largest union of city employees, and called on other unions to follow suit…
        The revised budget also will use money from the city’s public safety severance and rainy day funds, Cicilline’s office said. In order to save money, the mayor said he has ordered non-union employees to take furlough days and increased their health insurance co-pays to 20 percent as well.
        In a shot across the bow to other city unions, Cicilline declared that “if additional savings are not implemented immediately, the city will be incapable of meeting its financial obligations in four to six months.” He said he has “been involved in discussions for several weeks with our City unions and they, too, are aware of the stakes”…
        But Cicilline did say, “Unless we implement these structural reforms in every contract, every liquid asset would be spent down, our bond rating would be severely downgraded and we would be unable to meet payroll.”
        *** end quote ***

        Oh, how could anyone have known with all that “excellent” news?!

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