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One response to “Story Isn’t Whether to Sit Down, But Who’s At Table”

  1. leftyrite

    The story in yesterday’s New York Times wasn’t lost on all of us.

    Teachers are now beginning to realize that they are slated to have little say over the directions that their invested monies take.

    Sooner or later, teachers will realize that they are among the most capable and articulate members of the union movement.

    But some articulate person needs to get mad (notice I didn’t say angry) and go after someone of eminence, like David Boies.

    We know exactly what he’s up to as the Obama/Clinton/Wall Street rep, sacrificing so much at fifty dollars an hour.

    Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders should not be honored that their teachers, among others, are being singled out for special treatment of this kind.

    Holding out the prospect that teachers, and their pension monies, can be tapped consistently will only lead to the persecution and further disenfranchisement of middle class, reliable citizens, not to mention their disillusionment with the justice system as it is presently maintained in this state and nationally.

    We need a champion with honor. We need to show that honest people can fight to win.

    Rhode Island must have some enterprising young lawyer/politician who wants to make a name  honorably. 

    Pensioners need a Clarence Darrow.  Jump in. 

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