Josie Shagwert is a progressive activist from Providence, RI who is in Gaziantep, Turkey volunteering with a Syrian organization that trains peaceful Syrian activists to build civil society and non-violently resist authoritarianism.

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  1. louisgodena

    Still wondering why rifuture is supporting what is clearly a grab for the Middle East on the part of the western powers and Israel.  Even Obama is backing away from the demands of the neo-cons (the Israeli surrogates who embroiled us so disastrously in Iraq and Libya).  Maybe the “leftism” of rifuture is only skin-deep or maybe its more like its counterpart, liberalism, the sort that seeks to intervene or people’s own good — even if it kills them.  Clearly, the Syrian people do not share Ms Shagwert’s sympathies.  If they did, there would no need to import these “saviors” into a situation where they’re neither needed nor welcomed.

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