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Steve Rackett held elected office as a Green Party representative on a district council in Watford, England (just north of London). He won 3 terms in office as well as winning a term on Hertfordshire County Council. He chaired various council committees and eventually became the first Green Party member to become Chairman of the council.

He has worked for various non-profits throughout his career and has a strong interest in politics in Rhode Island.

You can help support Steve's work financially by following this link:

6 responses to “Tanzi confident domestic violence gun prohibition bill will become law”

  1. RITaxpayer

    How many people in RI have been shot by gun owners after being convicted of domestic abuse?

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    1. RITaxpayer

      Immediately upon posting, I got a thumbs up rating. This site needs some serious maintenance.

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    2. PinkHatLib

      Fixed! (lol)

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  2. leftyrite

    There is something about the smile.

    I know that look, that feeling:

    More complicated,
    but wanting to be simple.

    Violence is poisonous. Pernicious. Traumatizing.

    Violence comes, sometimes, from overinvesting in dreams

    that stop

    when another leaves some kind of orbit.

    Right now, we live in Tomorrowland.

    Teresa, you are brave and beautiful, and,

    the smile is returning nicely.

    Or, so says I.

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  3. Deborah Debare, executive director RICADV, on domestic abuse

    […] make it clear that people who are convicted of domestic violence cannot have access to firearms. (read Representative Teresa Tanzi’s interview about this) Even though this is a federal law we have found the legislature has been very reluctant to codify […]

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