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10 responses to “Arguing With The Tax Policy Switcheroo”

  1. Jonathan Jacobs

    Thanks Tom.

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  2. cailin rua

    I have to agree with the commenters over at Ted Nesi’s blog who implied Nesi should have recognized an obvious Aunt Sally.  He can’t be that naive.  DaPonte seems like one of the men who used to stand outside courthouses with a straw in his shoe.

    The graph is very interesting.  It seems like many times in these discussions the impact of federal cuts is left out.

    I’m looking forward to the discussion on the Channel 10 News Conference.  I think it is very disconcerting that at the very beginning of the General Assembly Session both Fox and Paiva-Weed are in lockstep with RIPEC:

    “– Fox says he backs the RI Public Expenditure Council’s call for “a coordinated effort involving *education*, job skills training, transportation and infrastructure, regulatory reform and . . .  *tax policies* . . . . I also embrace RIPEC’s concept of the Council of Economic Advisers to develop a consistent plan for long-term economic success.”

    Politics mystifies me.  It just seems public policy in Rhode Island is directed and controlled by people who never have to stand for election but who always seem to be in power.  Maybe that’s what causes me to drop out of the pack and be a “third party dreamer”.  What do I know?   

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  3. cailin rua

    The 10 News Conference was a very interesting and revealing discussion.  It’s funny how even Angus Davis said, just a few weeks ago on Executive Suite, that one of the big problems here is lack of quality public services.  He used the Silicon Valley as an example of high taxes paying for good public services making the Bay Area an attractive place to move to and live.  Unfortunately, that discussion took the tone of two college buddies getting together to make an infomercial plugging another consumer surveillance system but listen to how much what he has to say contrasts with Simmons’ Grover Norquist stance.  It’s about 16 – 17 minutes into the video.  Listen to what he says about the high cost of going to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox and how cutting taxes down to zero won’t do much for us:

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  4. leftyrite

    These policy essays are effective, but would be even more so if the rest of us could get a handle on exactly what the Rhode Island Public Expenditures council really is.

    It seems to me that its the Chamber of Commerce by any other name, a group of influential guys who insinuate themselves into the governance of the state when they have absolutely no official leg to stand on.

    RIPEC seems like a ruse on the average Joe, who thinks it has real authority.

    But maybe I’m wrong about that.

    I would really appreciate a background essay on RIPEC, or maybe, an update of one that’s already been written.


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  5. leftyrite

    Does a list help explain? Yes and no. You get to infer a bit more judging from the name recognition factor, assuming that one knows a good number of the names.

    The group has at least a couple of decades of history by now. How about an overview of that? How about a narrative?

    For me, what it boils down to is this: Are these guys actual members of the state government, or have they conned their way into our field of vision under that pretext?

    Do they sit on a board appointed by the governor or the legislature, or do they just pontificate and act important?


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  6. leftyrite

    OK, I sense your reluctance to explain RIPEC, but I still wonder why.

    Anyone else have an insight into RIPEC or a general idea of its function and history? 

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  7. leftyrite

    Hey, something good came out of this!

    I’ve discovered the true definition of twee. 

    Do tell. 

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