Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

6 responses to “Taxpayers Are Funding Legislators’ ALEC Memberships”

  1. Thom Cahir

    Rep. Brien should schedule a meeting with constituents as soon as possible to explain his connection to ALEC and how taxpayers are paying for legislators’ memberships. Even more importantly, he should look constituents who are reeling financially in the eye and explain to them why he isn’t backing an effort to raise taxes on the wealthy in the form of the Cimini Tax Equity Bill. Woonsocket would be one of the first recipients of money raised from this new tax.

    1. Bill Monroe

      Do you think that Brien is capable of being truthful about anything?  Do you think he has any measurable level of personal integrity?  Do you think he gives a sh*t what his constituents think about him?  Do you think that there is anything Brien wouldn’t do for a few dollars of graft?  Do you think his friend Lisa Bald-Hunt is any different (other than being a little dumber)?  I am just asking.

  2. patrick

    “It turns out that Rhode Island taxpayers are funding their legislators’ memberships in ALEC, the far right wing group that pairs corporate interests with local lawmakers. ”

    “far” right wing? Who would be just the “right wing” Bob? Is there such a thing or are all conservatives “far” right wing? 

    1. Bill Monroe

      To be precise the far right wing are the fundamentalists and neo-facists, all other conservatives are Crony Capitalists, just like most Democrats.

      1. RightToWork

        The whole world is crazy or corrupt! Only Bill Monroe speaks truth and is incorruptible!

        I can’t believe anyone actually goes through life thinking this way. 

  3. Thom Cahir

    Bill, I think its time Brien held a constituent forum to explain himself and his votes. However, I don’t believe he’ll do that since he thinks he’s entitled to his seat in the General Assembly and needn’t answer to anyone. It’s truly sad the media doesn’t cover how corrupt he is and how all he cares  about is promoting his agenda and not what his constituents need or want.

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