Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

7 responses to “The new owner/editor of Rhode Island’s Future”

  1. Pat Crowley

    Good luck Bob!

  2. RightToWork

    Bob – Good luck with the website. I think that it is important to have a variety of different viewpoints and online outlets for productive political discussion. If this blog can achieve that, then I welcome it.

    Rhode Island politics aren’t so much liberal/progressive as they are a hijacking of liberal/progressive principles for the narrow self-interest of certain families, connected businesses, labor organizations, and political circles. With more government control comes more opportunities for the corrupt, the greedy, the wicked, or the deluded to use that control for their own purposes to get an illegitimate advantage. Where progressives disagree with libertarians and conservatives is from where this corruption derives and the solutions for eradicating it, but it’s important to remember that we are all on the same page with regard to the desired outcome.

    One word of caution going forward is to be wary of unions bearing gifts. Under a previous owner (not Brian), this blog was converted into a full-time propaganda rag for a particularly powerful Rhode Island public union and this resulted in severe damage to the blog’s image. Progressives tend to support the unions, which is fine, but remember that their incentives are not always aligned with the “true” progressives who wish to make Rhode Island a fairer place for *all* of its citizens, not just the lucky few.

  3. donroach

    Hey Bob, I do agree that RI needs an uber-lefty voice and that by and large that voice has been RIFuture since ’05.

    Like I told Matt back then, however, a place where multiple opinions could be expressed throughout the political spectrum, imo, was where the true goldmine was. RIFuture has been very successful and between ’05 and ’08 was the site you had to read for lefty politics in the state. I hope and wish you can get it to that level. The ground is certainly fertile for it but as RTW mentioned, the ’09 odyssey into propaganda hurt the blog’s credibility and it has never truly recovered.

    Good luck, though, it should be a fun ride!

  4. Samuel G. Howard


  5. stylin

    Dear bob,
    please don’t ban people like the “last/last administration” did when It was solely based on the fact that they didn’t like how their candidate was looking. It left bad karma…Please be fair we know who the players are and you seem kind of cool…and cute ;-). Unless of course your “Future” goal is job placement in the city or state or with the federal government which seems to be the trend for past owners of this blog. But I like how the site is looking, let’s see how it goes.

    buona fortuna

  6. stylin

    OOps I forgot …Regarding Brian Hull’s posting…
    “(ask me about the amazing economic development proposals I’ve worked on to grow jobs in Haiti, New Orleans, Worcester, and Miami – and let me know if you need a policy person). ”
    I missed the location of PROVIDENCE in that list. You are working as a Workforce Development Specialist for the City of Providence are you not or is that internship over?

  7. Sully

    Good Luck!

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