One response to “Time to red-flag the Red Flag Gun Bill”

  1. cailin rua

    I have to acknowledge how thoughtful your analysis is. It’s become rare that I am able to say that honestly about what I read here or at Uprise whatever it is. You covered just about everything. The only thing I can think of that you didn’t cover is how a lot of mental health advocates worry how the sort of reasoning behind laws like this could have an impact on other civil rights in areas that have nothing to do with the question of gun ownership:

    “Still, the primary reason I and other disability advocates opposed the rep payee rule is less about guns than it is about the precedent the rule might set for other kinds of rights.”

    That remark was in regard to Obama’s executive order to require background checks for those on the SSI Representative Payee registry.

    Some of the worst crimes perpetrated are legislative crimes of passion. If there should be a waiting period for anything there should be waiting periods after tragedies which would require a moratorium on any kind of legislation in reaction to a tragedy, except in the case of imminent danger. Beware of fist pumping politicians.

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