Michael D. Kennedy, Professor of Sociology and International and Public Affairs, Brown University

3 responses to “Transformational Solidarity in the time of Trump”

  1. Nancy Green

    I work in community health and making connections enriches both my work and my life, but since this election it’s become urgent necessity. The ‘events’ section in RI Future comes at exactly the right time. This turn of the wheel we have instant communication, we’ll see if enough of us are wise enough to sort out what matters, what threatens our common good, who are our allies in each particular battle.

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  2. Johnnie

    Transformational Solidarity? Have you seen his appointments? Do you think what he is spewing is bluster?

    “Mr. Trump took to Twitter to criticize “Hamilton” and “Saturday Night Live,” even as he appeared close to revealing his choices to lead the Pentagon and the State Department.” ……..NY Times

    And this is just the beginning.

    Chapelle: “Let’s give him a chance…”

    A chance? A chance to do WHAT, Chappelle?
    To carry out his promises to drive out Mexicans?
    To round up Muslims?
    To stop-and-frisk and murder Black people?
    To ban abortion?
    To build a wall on the border?
    To take away the rights of gays and transgendered people?
    To beat, imprison, and torture protesters and revolutionaries, and to murder the families of those suspected of “terrorism”?
    To intimidate the press?
    To wage war on those who cross him?
    To spew hatred and degradation at every opportunity?
    To set the environment on an even more headlong path to devastation and ruin?
    No—hell, no—let’s NOT “give him a chance.”
    Let’s fight him.

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