2 responses to “Trump and white evangelicals: points of conversions”

  1. Barry Schiller

    Some good points here including the key role of sexism. Its not just in the evangelical community, I’ve long noted that sexism seems deeper than racism here, starting with how male African-Americans got the vote before any women. But I also am old enough to remember in the 1960s civil rights movement hearing the phrase “the position of women in the movement is horizontal.” I’ll note one of the first African-Americans to declare for President, Shirley Chisholm, got into some trouble within her own community when she said in public that she had faced more discrimination in life from being a woman than from being black. I also recall in 2008 quite a few white progressives preferred Obama over Clinton because they were more intrigued by having the first black President rather than the first woman. And even in 2016, some progressives were foolishly influenced by the decades long demonization, often misogynist, of Clinton not to vote to for her even over Trump. We are now paying the price for that!

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  2. dubnotdubya

    I agree with the points made in this piece. One major thing that is not mentioned is the topic of abortion rights. For many with that mindset, their anti-abortion beliefs are so fundamental that they make their decision almost entirely based on that and largely ignore everything else. That may not fit into a sociological analysis, but I do think it’s a very large factor.

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