Barry Schiller served on the Board of the Transit Authority 1995-99.
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18 responses to “Two cheers for speed cameras, but not three”

  1. PinkHatLib

    Three cheers for increased police surveillance! I vote we put those cameras on every block of the East Side and see how much the neolibs like them then. What about the children?!

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  2. PinkHatLib

    “So I cheer for the cameras. Note that despite airbags, better brakes and crash protection, beeps that warn drivers if they veer out of lane and more, highway deaths are rising…”

    Clearly a problem requiring increased police surveillance. Let’s require RFIDs on all RI registered vehicles and highway mounted surveillance sensors!
    E-Z Pass helps states clock motorists’ speeds; accounts suspended for repeat offenders”

    Anyone who disagrees with me must hate children. Don’t you know school buses are on our highways? (that means you, thumbs down voters)

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  3. leftyrite

    This is a test of the Emergency Sanity system.

    This is only a test.

    How we doing so far?

    Don’t ask.

    But, it’s kind of funny.

    Happy summer.


    Flaco Jimenez tunes.

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  4. leftyrite

    at that point, the old fellow stood up. And, turning annoyingly,
    he created for himself, an arched eyebrow.

    “does this look right?”

    I dunno. Who cares?

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  5. leftyrite

    You digest my posts like a worm digest

    in order to make something good for man.

    (Good. That oughta irritate someone.)

    My Little Sister: Why do you insist on doing that?

    Because it’s junk time afternoon…

    how much good happens at 5:52?

    I’m willing to wage very little on this colloquy.

    So, there…

    One slice left…and it’s going

    wet cardboard.

    My Little Sister: Good!

    Me: Listen to some Van.

    Then you’ll know.

    (Here endeth the Lesson.)


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  6. leftyrite

    But, back to the above graphic:

    Behold. A camera welded into place.

    A robot eye. An extension of a machine. A machine itself.

    It does not need to eat.

    What is it, really?

    Some trouble?

    Jerome: Some bullshit.

    Me: Thank you, Jerome.

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  7. leftyrite

    A little less Bond.

    A little less Bond, please.

    a coffee frappe, sir?

    A coffee frappe, please. Two scoops.

    a little vanilla?

    You just read my mind.

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  8. leftyrite

    “I guess they won’t

    exchange the gifts

    that you were meant to keep.”

    -Leonard Cohen

    …like one’s own impression of beautiful Providence.

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  9. leftyrite

    Read Leonard Cohen.

    Read, Leonard.


    A Thousand Kisses Deep.

    You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

    You can appreciate what you have.

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  10. leftyrite

    A Thousand Kisses Deep?

    From the Ten Songs album?

    As the unofficial song of Providence?

    to be detested by the unofficial puritan elite

    until they embrace it and go crazy over it, too.

    And people are all united and happy?


    A Thousand Kisses Deep,

    the unofficial song for the not quite well incorporated Town

    of the new revolution in manufacture.

    Boink. Junior: Yeah (eyebrows raised)…like thet.

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  11. leftyrite

    Yeah, and what if actual progress came to be.

    What, then, huh?

    And you were missing out on it

    all because you found the present to be unbearable?

    Good-bye, Anthony, the actual man I never met.

    Hello, Anthony. You left a library.

    Dig that. Imagine that.

    Yes, imagine the fires, hot as the sun,

    that will engulf that library, too.

    But, first, lox.

    Where do you get the good stuff. I’ll never tell.

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  12. leftyrite

    LEMONY: I saw the strangest thing today.

    These kids were at Prospect Park,
    rocking back and forth,
    listening to “Lonely Avenue,”
    from the One Night In San Francisco album.

    So much like what my imaginings of their behavior might be.

    The would like Neil Young in Pyongyang: I know they would.

    And Neil could sell them on digital music so dense that it must again be carried in artifact form.

    And (drums start to thrum) and we are again inspired.

    Remembering Robin Williams.
    Remembering Anthony Bourdain.
    Remembering times past.
    Remembering Soul Truth.

    Johnny! Cailin! Beacon Shops!!
    Carl’s Diggin’s!! Muffett’s Music!! Big Al’s!!

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