Barry Schiller served on the Board of the Transit Authority 1995-99.
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13 responses to “Two cheers for speed cameras, but not three”

  1. PinkHatLib

    Three cheers for increased police surveillance! I vote we put those cameras on every block of the East Side and see how much the neolibs like them then. What about the children?!

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  2. PinkHatLib

    “So I cheer for the cameras. Note that despite airbags, better brakes and crash protection, beeps that warn drivers if they veer out of lane and more, highway deaths are rising…”

    Clearly a problem requiring increased police surveillance. Let’s require RFIDs on all RI registered vehicles and highway mounted surveillance sensors!
    E-Z Pass helps states clock motorists’ speeds; accounts suspended for repeat offenders”

    Anyone who disagrees with me must hate children. Don’t you know school buses are on our highways? (that means you, thumbs down voters)

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  3. leftyrite

    This is a test of the Emergency Sanity system.

    This is only a test.

    How we doing so far?

    Don’t ask.

    But, it’s kind of funny.

    Happy summer.


    Flaco Jimenez tunes.

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  4. leftyrite

    at that point, the old fellow stood up. And, turning annoyingly,
    he created for himself, an arched eyebrow.

    “does this look right?”

    I dunno. Who cares?

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  5. leftyrite

    You digest my posts like a worm digest

    in order to make something good for man.

    (Good. That oughta irritate someone.)

    My Little Sister: Why do you insist on doing that?

    Because it’s junk time afternoon…

    how much good happens at 5:52?

    I’m willing to wage very little on this colloquy.

    So, there…

    One slice left…and it’s going

    wet cardboard.

    My Little Sister: Good!

    Me: Listen to some Van.

    Then you’ll know.

    (Here endeth the Lesson.)


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  6. leftyrite

    But, back to the above graphic:

    Behold. A camera welded into place.

    A robot eye. An extension of a machine. A machine itself.

    It does not need to eat.

    What is it, really?

    Some trouble?

    Jerome: Some bullshit.

    Me: Thank you, Jerome.

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  7. leftyrite

    A little less Bond.

    A little less Bond, please.

    a coffee frappe, sir?

    A coffee frappe, please. Two scoops.

    a little vanilla?

    You just read my mind.

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