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  • United Against Trump at the RI State House tonight 7pm

3 responses to “United Against Trump at the RI State House tonight 7pm”

  1. Polly Tickes

    Don’t you people have something better to do? trump’s elected. Deal with it. Even Obama said this today:
    Everybody is sad when their side loses an election. But the day after, we have to remember we’re actually all on one team,” President Obama said Wednesday in the Rose Garden. He emphasized that the county needs “a sense of unity” and a “sense of inclusion.” Obama also said he could not be prouder of Hillary Clinton.
    All you people will do is create a division coupled with anger. And this site is what RIRTA stands for??? Shame on them

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  2. Polly Tickes

    Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is proposing that she and President-elect Donald Trump “put aside our differences” and work together to rebuild the American economy for working people.

    but you people are uniting against Trump when now I see Elizabeth Warren wanting to unite with Trump…
    again you people show that you prefer to cause anger rather than heal the country split in half

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  3. Barry Schiller

    I have to laugh at the feel-good attempts to respond to the election result that rejected decency, tolerance, civil discourse, environmental protection and social justice with “we are all on the same team” bs when had Clinton won the GOP was “loaded for bear” to continue endless e-mail investigations, some even said reject all her Supreme Court nominees and similar rule or ruin policies they had been pursuing. Best to beware the push to have us meekly submit to his agenda of even more savage income inequality, climate denial, a culture of gun violence, sexual assault, pollution, ugliness, outright racism, and the destruction of reproductive freedom in order to “heal the country.”

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