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  1. Johnnie

    We need to get clear on Bernie Sanders. He is a self-serving political opportunist and a world-class con man, just as most politicians. His primary reason for running was to bring left-wing dissidents and the disaffected youth into the dead end of electoral politics within the Democratic party. He was surprised himself at the groundswell of support for a “socialist,” when all he wanted to do was endear himself to the party bosses, raise his national profile and put a left face and a pole of opposition on the mummified and sclerotic Democratic primary. Hilary had already been anointed and everyone knew it.

    The press and the DNC did everything they could to sabotage his campaign, but he didn’t care or complain, that is not why he was running. He never spoke to his supporters about the double-dealing DNC or condemned sleazy Schultz and Brazile, and he gave his delegates at the Democratic National Convention a big slap in the face by not even allowing them to cast their ballots for him — after so many worked so hard and believed in him. Why? But that apparently wasn’t enough, he added insult to injury by going on the campaign trail after the primaries to chump for Hillary among the youth. These politicians have absolutely no principles or shame.

    “The Bern” just bought his third house on an island in Lake Champlain and he is on the circuit promoting and selling his new book: Our Revolution: A Future to Believe in.

    Hey Bernie, f**k you!

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  2. cailin rua

    I don’t think I agree with Johnny but I don’t think we need any sacred cows, either. I don’t think Bernie needs to be joined to some cult of personality, which seems to be what drives “activism” here, locally. The issues have nothing to do with personality. Although, “objectivity” certainly has its limits there are objective, impersonal facts and issues that should be the focus of effective politics.

    Johnny is not the only one who has raised the question of how much of a “sheepdog candidate” Bernie Sanders was. Bruce Dixon, from the Black Agenda Report, has maintained that Bernie was all along. There are a lot of questions about the way he caved after being seriously obstructed by the press and the Democratic Party establishment apparatchiks. I don’t think the questions are irrelevant.

    I don’t know exactly who among the “Progressive Democrats” took money from Alan Hasenfeld last time around but it is my opinion by doing so, these “progressives” have seriously undermined their credibility, especially considering the fact they’ve worked on “activist” projects in tandem with the management of Meredith Gentrification Corporation.

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  3. Johnnie

    Lauren: What convention procedures did Bernie suspend and why? Did each state announce Bernie’s delegate count from the floor, as they usually do? Did “The Bern” object to the marginalization and silencing of his supporters? What do you mean by the convention being “not pretty?”

    Like Bernie, the convention was a sham and a mockery of our so-called democratic process. Admit it. Did you pathetic “progressive” democrats speak out against it? So why did Bernie pimp for Hillary on the college campuses and accept a new “outreach” position within the Democratic party even after they f**ked him over? His new job in outreach is to act as a judas goat and consciously dupe more followers into “Our Revolution.”

    “Congressional leadership against the pipeline and for the Standing Rock water protectors became fierce.”
    You paint quite a rosy picture of the people’s champions. You and I Lauren are apparently reading different newspapers and accounts. Can we expect our “fierce” congressional delegation to now come out in opposition to Invenergy? Don’t hold your breath.

    What they did to the peaceful resisters at DAPL was nothing short of barbaric, inexcusable and a national disgrace — which is nothing new for them. As it is with any act of civil disobedience, the police would have been acting within the law if they arrested the protesters and gave them their day in court. But what did they do instead? Because the arrests, strip searches and cages for misdemeanors were not working they decided to terrorize the resisters — and the “free press” and the rulers from the capital of Panem were nowhere to be found as the protesters were savaged.

    How many of the 535 members of Congress went to Standing Rock to object to what was going on? Not necessarily to speak against the pipeline, but to speak to the way the demonstrators were being treated. Only one, Tulsi Gabbard, and only after the vets announced they were going to the camp as defenders and were putting themselves between the pigs and the water protectors. At this juncture, I and they knew it was over — it was time for the photo-ops.

    Stop apologizing for these duplicitous, unprincipled, self-important opportunists and chameleons — who are always testing which way the wind is blowing and whose only job is to get reelected. Looking to them to change things and to protect what is left of our civil liberties will only get you and I a front row seat when Trump sends the wagons.

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  4. Johnnie

    Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory: ““I don’t know how anyone could watch the news and not be horrified by what’s happening at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota,”

    Here is another unprincipled, immoral, character-disordered darling of the progressive left trying to boost her street credibility. Will the real Elizabeth Warren please stand up.

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  5. Jonathan Jacobs

    I think everyone on this forum knows I was no champion of Senator Sanders’ run for the Democratic nomination. That said, I disagree with the above comment, “He is a self-serving political opportunist and a world-class con man, just as most politicians.”

    1) I do not believe that throwing most politicians into one bucket in order to condemn them as being self-serving and opportunistic is fair. Rather, it is a cynical mash-up of empty platitudes that, themselves, are self-serving.
    2) I do not have to agree with Senator Sanders’ strategy in order to agree with his overall objectives; or, with his professional integrity. I think Senator Sanders is genuine in his desire to inspire what he and many Americans believe to be positive changes that make people’s lives better. I feel the same about Senator Warren.
    3) I do not support the bolstering of one’s argument with links to media sites that are more activist than empirical. With the cascade of agenda-based media sites, when supporting one’s opinion in reaction to an opinion, supporting an argument with yet another opinion is not conclusive.

    Raging against all elected officials for not meeting your standards of purity without providing real and concrete solutions to the problems that our society faces only creates a vacuum. It does not replace problems with solutions.

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