Bruce Reilly is the Deputy Director of Voice of the Ex-Offender (VOTE) in New Orleans, where he graduated from Tulane Law School. He is a former organizer with Direct Action for Rights & Equality (DARE) in Providence, RI and works with people across the nation on policies related to criminal justice. He is also an artist, poet, director, and playwright, and winner of the 2008 RI State Council of the Arts screenwriting fellowship. Follow his blog at #Unprison.

One response to “What Will Obama Gun Regulation Accomplish?”

  1. cailin rua

    This is one of the few clearly reasoned pieces I’ve read on the subject.  The hysteria surrounding this is reminiscent of that leading up to the Iraq War.  Few have mentioned that the assault weapon ban that was not renewed in 2004 was part of the larger Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which has had a devastating effect on the portion of the population most affected by gun violence.  No one becomes motivated to do anything until someone is killed in a suburban grammar or high school, suburban shopping mall, suburban movie theater, etc.  It’s almost as if we’re punishing the poor for the crimes of the well to do.  I think that’s what this amounts to.

    I’ll condemn the posturing of people on the right like Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre while remembering all the harmful legislation Joe Biden has been behind over the years. Biden wrote the VCCLE with its “truth in sentencing” laws, expansion of the federal death penalty,etc., along with similar legislation over the years.  I find it very disconcerting Joe Biden was chosen to lead Obama’s gun control task force.  I really think there should be voices from the progressive end of the spectrum challenging some of the assumptions being made in order to press for new legislation to combat gun violence.  I also think there should always be a moratorium of 1 year after a tragedy like Newtown before considering legislation relating to such tragedies.

    As far as the assault weapons ban is concerned, sniper John Allen Muhammed was able to get an assault rifle legally just because it had a couple of components missing from it during the period when assault weapons were banned.  What will all this lead to?  Seems like deja vu all over again.

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