A native-born Rhode Islander, educated in Providence Public Schools, went to college in North Carolina and a political junkie and pessimistic optimist.

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  1. PinkHatLib

    “Liberals learned the same lesson in 2000… They’ve tried the separate party thing, and it failed. Liberals learned the same lesson in 2000.”
    Depends on which liberals you’re talking to, Sam. As if a Gore presidency was every liberals dream. I’d vote Nader again given the oppotunity.

    Look where voting Democraitc year after year has gotten us. Many of the Obama administration policies (domestic spying, assasinations, drone attacks) are worse than under Bush. What exactly did RI Democrats acheive this year in voting “me too” with the Obama campaign?

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  2. Jonathan Jacobs

    It’s an interesting proposal, Sam. I think a number of DINOs did just what you propose. It failed for some of them and succeeded for others. Senate Finance Chairman Dan Daponte knows he could never hold his office if he embraced the party of his actual policies.  In all fairness, I think Daponte started out as a Dem and has slid more and more to the right with every election cycle. So he keeps the Democratic label and practices Republican fiscal policy. Best of both worlds. Jon Brien, on the other hand, was exposed for the conservative Republican he is, in spite of his ride on Democratic coat tails. Perhaps the parties themselves have little place for thier respective labels in today’s Rhode Island. Maybe more honest labels would be the “Labor Party” and the “Corporate Party.” In any event, we agree that, for local elections, the primaries are the more important elections.

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  3. cailin rua

    To make it a true two party system we need at least one more party.  If Democrats, such as Gina Raimondo were honest they would start a third party called the Neo-Liberal party. . . “it’s a Christmas tree . . . that’s on the record . . . ”  Seems as though there would be a socially conservative wing as well as a socially liberal wing.  I think we need a lot more fragmentation.  It would confuse the funders of the so-called “two” parties we have now – anything that keeps their money from going to those who they want to do their dirty work.  Didn’t the Soviet Union have a one party system?

    Who among the Democrats is standing up to Sodexo? What’s going on at R I PBS? When will Providence sell off the water supply board?  What’s going on in Pawtucket as I write?  What’s the difference between what Bowles and Simpson have to say and what Lloyd Blankfein has to say?  Let them eat wedding cake.  Being liberal on social issues won’t cost anyone any money.  Access to health care?  Sure, as long as the insurance companies aren’t cut out of it and everyone is forced to subsidize them, and social security, that’s a different story, depending on whether you are listening Alan Simpson or Bernie Sanders.  Who do the Democrats have more in common with?  Be honest.

    How much more of a Democrat is Gina Raimondo than Kerry King, Carcieri’s former chief legal counsel? And all those legislators who said they “didn’t know” they belonged to ALEC and didn’t know how ALEC works?  If you don’t even know who and what ALEC is how can anyone trust you to draft laws?  How could you be considered competent without also being considered a liar?  ALEC has been around for a while.  Why did we never hear of ALEC until Trayvon Martin was killed?

    Are there no poor houses?  No, of course there aren’t,  they’ve all been turned into prisons here in the ever so blue Ocean State.  

    One party or two party, it will never be anything but the Corporate Party until someone finds a way to truly take money out of the equation. 

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    1. Ericka

      I think you pretty much hit it on the head with that one. The big money has to disappear and the candidates need to tell us how they stand on issues. That is they need to tell us before they are elected and start legislating. The folks who are running as Democrats, and are really Republicans (or communists, or socialists, or whatever???) need to go away. I think I just want them to tell me what they believe and how they will vote when they get in office. The only candidate I could actually figure out in this last election was Abel Collins, and he was running for national office. We need people who will do what he did running for both state and national office. Tell us who you are.

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  4. leftyrite

    You my muse.

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  5. leftyrite

    The cautionary tale is what was done to Ralph Nader’s brand, to use that horrible term.
    When Nader was only a consumer advocate, he was the best in the world, by far. He changed Detroit as much as it could be changed in an, “I always win, and you always lose,” environment.

    Now, the story of Ralph being tailed and framed by a sort of secret police apparatus involving the government is only interesting to Ralph, and maybe to Mike and Maher. The world has moved on; it would have, anyway.

    But Nader also started the best and most effective public interest lobby in Washington and ran it well for years.

    We need to be more investigative. (Thanks to the people who do that daily on this blog.)
    We need to understand that investigations of our own culture need to be undertaken seriously, and that they should be done more vigorously during relative peace, so that, when civil strife, a massive series of natural disasters, Depression, and war come, we will know quite a bit about the social aspects of their causes and have a head-start on the resolution of problems on the ground in the sovereign U.S.. (Excuse me. Have I said something wrong? Let me repeat that: the sovereign U.S. of A.)

    Why has Ralph been so marginalized? How was he made into the child-left-behind? Ditto for so many people like him.

    We need to investigate that on our own. We need to remember our conscience.

    We are not through with the nation state model as long as the monster of globalization continues to gorge itself on our innards. Look at poor little Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It’s pretty much a colony, waiting to be sold.  

    Excuse me, privatized.

     Raimondo and Taveras seek to run it in order “to attract business”– to themselves and to their factions, mostly financed from the public treasury. Thirty years of failure have resulted in decay, bringing us to the present quivering mudslide. And no Reagan to pitch morning to us.

    And Al Gore would have been in the thick of it, too.

    Remember Clinton-Gore, the Unspun, (now available on dvd)?

    We need to search within our culture for the seeds of a new ethics and a new morality. 

    We need more truths to be self-evident. They certainly aren’t right now.

    Fight the Culture Wars with gusto.

    More than likely, you’re rehearsing. 


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