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10 responses to “Why America Is Screwed, but How RI Can Help”

  1. jgardner

    “This is how you build a base – from the bottom up.”

    Until, like you said, the establishment Ron Paul’s ya. 

  2. David Vogel

    I know you said the names you mentioned as progressives and independents who are running in Rhode Island were “off the top of your head,” so I would like to inform you that I am on that list — as an Independent who is running for Congress in the First District here.  My name is going to be on the ballot on November 6th.  If anyone is reading this on Saturday morning, September 1st, 2012, please note that you may hear me on an internet radio program this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. Providence time.  The name of the show is GX Radioactive, and is broadcast by local station 990 WBOB.  All feedback and dialogue is welcome.

  3. David Vogel

    Yes, you have the correct David Vogel; the defendant is in the process of appealing the decision.

  4. Oswald Krell

    I agree that Ron Paul’s contingent got royally hammered. I was all for the insurrection, but am totally opposed to Ron Paul. The guy’s a whacko. Anyone who can advocate a return to the gold standard is simply living on a different planet.

    We may as well advocate returning to whale-oil lamps.

    Having just read Friedman’s “Monetary History of the US”, he presents a great case for the problems being on a gold standard can create.

  5. PinkHatLib

    “Whoever says something along these lines needs to take a moment and reflect on whether or not they really ought to vote. I mean, if you’re foolish enough to do something like this with your vote for President, who know [sic] what kind of jackassery will influence your vote for an office that could actually DO SOMETHING about the situation.”

    Air-tight logic, that one. Yes, progressives, vote Obama or stay home. Apparently I can’t vote 3rd party for president and have the sense to decide which local candidates best represent me. Ah, baloney. I’ll continue to vote my conscience and don’t care a whit what you or any of the other Obama apologists out there think about it.

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