4 responses to “Why Is President Obama Protecting Monsanto?”

  1. Johnnie

    “we nonetheless maintain a certain degree of freedom to live well”

    Of course you do. If you have the money, a job and the wherewithal to stay on top people who want to enslave you with debt and dependency. We live in a modern-day dystopia where people, social relations and morality are reduced to a cash nexus.
    Did you know that U.S. courts have ruled that forcing companies to label genetically engineered food violates their free speech rights? Did you know that about 20% of human DNA and gene sequences have already been patented and you can’t even study them without paying someone. 
    Did you know that millions of people are dying unnecessarily of AIDS in Africa because the World Health Organization, defending the property rights of pharmaceuticals, is preventing the importation of of cheap, lifesaving generic AIDS drugs – most of which were developed by taxpayer-funded research.?
    Did you know that Monsanto’s “property rights” are creating a mono-culture in seeds that puts in jeopardy the world’s food supply. About 5 companies now control more than half of the world’s seed.
    The idea of finding an individual solution or an escape from the privatization of the planet is naive. Either we stand together or we will be reduced to serfs – and that’s not hyperbole. 

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  2. leftyrite


    Is this reggae, or reggae rap?

    Versify this bad boy. 

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  3. Barry

    It sounds to me the answer to the title question is that (I assume this is the continuing resolution to fund the government thru the rest of the fiscal year) President Obama signed the bill becuase that is what Congress gave him to avoid shutting down the government.   Obama has to govern with the Congress we have elected, not sure why he is getting the blame.  Perhaps it should be asked why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid let this provision get thru.

    That said, I think Monsanto is even more horrible than is posted.   Not only do they succeed in not labelling what they do to food, they try to prevent companies that don’t use their GMO products from labelling that.  I believe at one time they got the RI legislature to disallow milk distributors from labelling their milk fee of bovine growth hormone even though Monsanto has no real presence in RI.   

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  4. Johnnie

    Someday we will realize that the news in not what’s in the newspapers and on TV. That’s what they tell us is newsworthy. 
    Everyone should watch this documentary on Monsanto and ask yourself why our food supply is never covered on the “news.” 

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