Peter Nightingale is a theoretical physicist and teaches at the University of Rhode Island. He strives to leave behind a more just and peaceful, sustainable post-capitalist world for future generations, and his children and grandchildren in particular.

One response to “Wifi and the altruistic stewardship of the commons”

  1. PinkHatLib

    “Why don’t we all open the locked wifi systems in our homes to our neighbors and passersby? Is it to avoid some easily managed security problem?”

    When I lived in my two family I routinely let the tenants piggyback on my wifi. Imagine my surprise when I received a nasty letter notifying me that I had been illegally downloading movies from BitTorrent. Sure, an attorney might have gotten me off but who needs the risk?

    And how is the security problem easily managed? Granted VPNs aren’t that expensive but how many regular folks even know what those are?

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