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One response to “With health care, it’s midnight in America”

  1. Johnnie

    Nice Job! Hopefully, there will be a groundswell of support for a single-payer system which the plutocrats and their hired hands in Washington can no longer ignore. The ACA was and is an attempt to prevent a single-payer system from coming to fruition.

    The nature and dynamic of the capitalist mode of production is to continually deliver the product more efficiently and cost effectively in order to stay competitive. To subject health care and “wellness” to market forces and the capitalist mode of production, as if we were producing widgets, is not only an oxymoron — but insane. This is the same insanity that promotes teachers as functionaries, whose job it is to efficiently inculcate children with the “right” answers. And where learning is demonstrating “proficiency” on a standardized test, and teaching is producing disengaged widgets who are taught to passively serve production and the lords of capital.

    There was a time when hospitalization was about more than fixing something. Patients were pampered and received daily back rubs — if you can believe it. It was recognized that illness is an imbalance in a human body that seeks homeostasis. Illness was not seen as a normal and natural part of living, unlike today. Obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes are not normal. And neither are knee and hip replacements for those who have suffered no trauma.

    There is so much alienation and so many unmet needs that people pursue and consume health care, surgery and hospitalization as a kind of therapy, and rest. But this is rarely if ever spoken to because there is money to be made. We have a society where our leaders live in a rarified bubble completely disconnected from the reality and consequences of their actions. They have little idea of what life is like for so many. Our institutions are in various stages of decay, but few of those in positions of authority care about the trajectory or want to change it. This is how we got Trump.

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