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  1. Barry

    Pat makes a good point that a position, (even a lie), repeated frequently enough, becomes accepted wisdom.  The right-wing understands that well enough with their relentless decades-long assualt on public workers, unionism and “liberals” (the latter to the point where liberals have abandonded the word!) but I hold Pat and other union leaders partly accountable for not answering back well enough in the public domain, or organizing their members to do so.  How many letters-to-the editor does one see from union leaders, or calls to talk radio, or postings on projo.com and similar??   They collect a lot of dues, they should be doing this.

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  2. DogDiesel

    Here’s my recommended reading list:
    Census: R.I. one of two states to lose population from 2011 to 2012
    RI is one of 2 states losing population
    Census numbers show income is leaving Rhode Island faster than people are

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  3. RoundHouseLeft

    You want to fight back against total media black out of union voices with….letters-to-the-editors?  Sometimes I wonder if people read and think about what they post it in the comments. 


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  4. Jonathan Jacobs

    For once I think I agree with both responses. The “objective” media has chosen, for the most part, its side in the labor dispute. This is, I’m sure, because of the corporate ownership of the media conglomerates. (duh, I know)The talk radio argument is a lose-lose for the same reason one should never heckle a stand up comic: he has the mike and you don’t. Obama certainly did not win the election by overtaking talk radio or letters to the editor, but he did command media by knowing when to speak loudly and knowing when to shut up and let the boots on the ground march. Organized labor needs to use that lesson. Know when to show and know when to tell. “Better wages. Job security. Healthcare. Retirement.” Repeat. And while the right is firing back with their half-baked arguments about how living wages and pension plans are destroying the nation, shut up and organize. Use the dues to build the ranks. If a public sector worker is making prevailing wages with health insurance for an essential service that the state then outsources to private sector for half the wages and no benefits, don’t whine about it. Organize the private sector workers.

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  5. leftyrite

    Here’s a plea in behalf of the good old letter to the editor.

    It’s a continuation of the discussion.

    Its very existence states, “I’ve heard you and considered what you’ve had to say,” or, “Wow, that sparked my mind in an entirely different direction.”

    When I’d finished reading “boots on the ground on the march,” awhile back, it made me realize how much I like loafers.

    Strife, warfare, hatred– all emblematic, finally, of a loss of nerve.

    Yes, times are bad and uncertain.

    Bow your head,

    and then look forward, thankful

    for your time…

    Cold Sky Providence. 

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