Rhode Island - Best & Worst

Rhode Island – Best & Worst

A poem about famous Rhode Islanders.

A Really, Really Great Nativity

A Really, Really Great Nativity

It‘s Christmas Eve, New York City
Snowflakes make Manhattan pretty
But these brothers are in no mood
‘Cause they got business to conclude

The Political Mouth

The Political Mouth

The Political Mouth                                         The political mouth is loud It grabs attention in a crowd Up on the stage the smile is wide But get in closer, look inside At stains that white-strips won’t erase From lies they told to win the race And once that mouth is elected Rancid gums become infected The whispered stench […]


FACE VALUE What’s with faces that need to hide Whenever they appear outside? Belonging to the human race Requires that you have a face It’s not a bigoted request And failure doesn’t mean arrest But without cheeks, a mouth and nose It’s just fabric from head to toes Floating like ghosts on Halloween That private […]

Poem: 'No Brainer'

Poem: ‘No Brainer’

Decades ago institutions
Were the only sane solutions
For a challenged population
Seeking help throughout our nation

Poem: 'Oklahoma Pity'

Poem: ‘Oklahoma Pity’

The frat boys from Oklahoma Long for days when the aroma Of burning crosses late at night Made men like them proud to be white A far cry from my frat house when We made headlines by being men Who drank too much and on a dare Would drop our pants most anywhere College rules […]