Poem: ‘Oklahoma Pity’


A University of Oklahoma fraternity was shut down for using a racist chant after widespread protest. Click the image for details.

The frat boys from Oklahoma
Long for days when the aroma
Of burning crosses late at night
Made men like them proud to be white

A far cry from my frat house when
We made headlines by being men
Who drank too much and on a dare
Would drop our pants most anywhere

College rules there for the breaking
Morning bongs there for the baking
No ladies allowed in our bunks
Meant cozy love in steamer trunks

Students thrived on bad behavior
Risky capers were our savior
When heavy workloads made us groan
Not to mention the student loan

Today frat boys from Oklahoma
Won’t be earning their diploma
Because tradition in the south
Has left them with a racist mouth

But ask yourself, what steered them wrong
To insult classmates with their song
Like Klansmen did a few years back
Or cops who shoot when they see black?

c2015 pn
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