DePetro Attacks Rev. Sterritt for Amicable Nativity

For those of you who have been enjoying Bill Sterritt’s contemporary retelling of the nativity story, you probably won’t like the treatment John DePetro gave the reverend.

DePetro was evidently disgusted that Sterritt and his congregation at the Amicable Congregational Church in Tiverton would depict the nativity scene with characters he found, well, this is what he said:

“As if they are homeless people running around Kennedy Plaza. Are they also drug addicts, Reverend? Like they are members of Occupy Wall Street. It’s insulting. Why are you insulting the church in this way?

Sterritt kept his sense of humor about the ordeal. While laughing, he replied, “Mr. DePetro, let’s not be absurd, alright?”

But asking John DePetro not to be absurd is like asking water not to be wet. That’s really kinda all it does.

I should point out that Kara Russo was on the phone, one of the few Rhode Islanders – perhaps human beings anywhere – capable of being more absurd than John DePetro.

My favorite part of the segment was when Russo said, “All you have to know is that they are heavily promoting this on Rhode Island’s Future…”

To which DePetro interrupted her, “Ugh, please don’t, that’s foul language in my book.”

If you’re into the absurd, it’s definitely worth a listen to. WPRO has the podcast here, or you can listen here:

We’ll be posting another installment in Rev. Sterritt’s modern retelling of the nativity story later today … in the meantime, here is the most recent chapter.

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