Progress Report: Barrington Balks on Bag Ban; Sheldon and the P Triple C; ‘Romney Can’t Win but Obama Can Lose’

Sunset near the Cranston/Scituate border. (Photo courtesy of @Piz816)

Barrington balked a bit in its bid to ban plastic bags last night. The Projo reports that last night “a divided council authorized the town solicitor to draft an ordinance on the use of plastic bags but was unable to define exactly what that measure would say.”

The Council will hold a workshop sometime in August to discuss the ramifications of asking people to supply their own grocery bags – here’s a cheat sheet on how that debate will go down: the environment will be a lot better off and CVS will make a tiny bit less money.

Speaking of recycling, Bradley Campell of RIPR delves deep into how the recycling process works in Rhode Island.

WPRI gives Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee some love … the PCCC called Sheldon “a rising progressive star” in an email it sent out yesterday that Ted Nesi turned around into a pretty informative post. Me, I’m not really sure how much higher his progressive star can rise … he’s introduced the best bills in Congress this year and he seems perpetually willing to stick up for the middle class. Sheldon is the number one star of the progressive movement in America.

A rising star would be more like Darcy Burner, from Seattle. Watch this woman, as she is sure to make some political waves in her career.

By the way, I want RI’s junior senator to start a giant funk band called Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Sheldon and the P Triple C, for short.

Add Projo columnist Ed Fitzpatrick to the list of journalists to take issue with Anthony Gemma’s unbelievable social networking prowess.

Hitchcock himself would have a hard time scripting a scarier trip abroad than what Mitt Romney just pulled off. He managed to make enemies with England, of all countries, before running roughshod like a bull in a china shop over one of the most delicate political situations on the planet. but Chris Cilliza of the WaPo wonders if it matters.

In his post, he quotes prominent Republican Ed Rogers who sums up everything you need to know about the presidential campaign this year: “Let’s face it,” Rogers said. “Romney can’t win, but Obama can lose.”

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