Progress Report: Chafee Dances with Democrats; ‘Stalled’ Economy; Jesse Jackson Jr; Happy Birthday, OWS

Downtown Providence from the Providence River. (Photo by Bob Plain)

Gov. Lincoln Chafee, a longtime Republican who left the GOP during the neo-con days of the George W. Bush era, hasn’t become a Democrat yet, but he is going to the Democratic National Convention this year in Charlotte.

Imagine the three-way Democratic primary for governor if Chafee did join with Democrats and runs again in 2014? But having nothing to do with the gubernatorial race in 2014, we hope Chafee doesn’t join with Democrats for two reasons. One is that, all things considered, his politics are pretty centrist; he’s socially very liberal but fiscally he’s moderate-to-conservative. While this is pretty much the definition of a Rhode Island Democrat, we’d like to see the D’s move to the left and Chafee would move the party right. The other is that Chafee’s one true political gift is his independence. Say what you will about his social skills, but he’s unafraid to do what he thinks is right regardless of which political allies or enemies he burns or helps.

Our economy in a nutshell: “Indicators show R.I. stalled, no relief soon.”

Speaking of the shit hitting the fan, was this song prophetically written for Rhode Island’s ailing economy or what?

Thanks to Marc Comtois for weighing in on whether we should be more concerned with a public sector thieves than a public airwaves creeps. Good points!

Good luck to Jesse Jackson Jr. as he works his way out of his post mania depression. It’s a long, lonely road but it seems like, thanks in part to Patrick Kennedy, yours will be paved with the most important thing in life: good friends.

Here’s what Ronny Reagan’s budget director thinks of Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

Meanwhile, our dependence on Saudi Arabian oil is growing again.

The Occupy Wall Street movement will celebrate its one-year anniversary on September 17, one month from today.


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Bob Plain is the editor/publisher of Rhode Island's Future. Previously, he's worked as a reporter for several different news organizations both in Rhode Island and across the country.

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