About Reza Clifton / Reza Rites / Venus Sings / Reza Wreckage
I have many nicknames because I am a writer, digital storyteller and cultural navigator. I host two radio shows, including one that airs weekly, and I am the co-founder of Isis Storm (IsisStorm.com), a collective of female artists, writers and educators. In 2011, I was named “Most Musical” and a “Trender” by two Providence magazines for my work sharing music and art in the community. I also write and blog about race, gender, and poverty, and the intersections between my adventures and interests as a DJ and my work with artists and diverse communities. You can find archives and samples of my written and multimedia work at RezaRitesRi.com, VenusSings.com, IsisStorm.com, RIFuture.org, SheShines.org, WRIU.org, BSRLive.com, and WGBH.org.

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