Sunday Night Movie: LAKE OF FIRE

Rhode Island’s Future is dedicated to providing both quality news and analysis while also giving showcase to amazing arts and entertainment programming. As part of this, we will host a new Sunday Night Movie column that goes out of the way to find the quirky, kooky, and weird material we know our readers will enjoy. This week following the banal nonsense of the anti-choice crowd, led by theoverwrought Barth Bracy, we present Tony Kaye’s amazing documentary LAKE OF FIRE.

LAKE OF FIRE is quite honestly one of the most difficult films I ever have seen. Tony Kaye, director of AMERICAN HISTORY X, spent over a decade filming an examination of every aspect of the American abortion debate and created a chilling, heartbreaking journey through not just a controversial medical procedure but feminism and misogyny in America itself. Along with leading feminists and philosophers, we also take a chilling look at the anti-choice jihadi army that Bishop Tobin has no problem fraternizing with on a regular basis. I have previously written an essay for CounterPunch! about why I feel it is the duty of all feminists to get this shown to as many audiences as possible and protect the right to choose from a bunch of goons who did not give a good damn about child safety when Bishop Gelineau was the Bishop of Providence.

As a final note, it is worth emphasizing that when I say the film examines everything, I mean EVERYTHING, so there is some graphic footage contained herein.


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