Why you can’t simply can’t trust Education Reformers with the facts

Because they leave most of the real facts out:

from today’s POLITIFACT:

But the mayors’ statement leaves out an important fact: The DRA is a test that very few students take because it is given only in schools that don’t go above second grade. In all other elementary schools, the state uses the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP), a series of reading, writing, math and science tests used by Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermomt and Maine. Those tests start in grade 3.

And as I wrote earlier this year, how did BVP do on the NECAP?

The NECAP scores are out and the policy wonks will be going over them I am sure.  Here is a little tidbit in the data.  The wunderkind of the charter school movement, Blackstone Valley Prep, AKA, the Mayoral Academy, with all of their hype, score well below the state average on the test in both reading and math.

The State average in reading is 71%: Mayoral Academy score? 61

The State average in math is 55%: Mayoral Academy score? 48

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