Budgeting for Disaster: Tom Sgouros takes on the state budget

Journalist and economic analyst Tom Sgouros delves deep into the state budget to bring you a better understanding of what Rhode Island wants – and doesn’t want – to spend money on, and how its elected officials come to those decisions. He’ll be posting here at least once a week.

Budgeting for Disaster Part IV: Lack of Education

Budgeting for Disaster Part IV: Lack of Education

After spending time with Appendix C of the Executive Summmary, it only makes sense to dip into Appendix D, doesn’t it? C was about state aid to the parts of municipal budgets that aren’t education. D is about the much bigger contribution the state makes to education.  Once again, the really interesting things about the […]

Budgeting for Disaster - Part II

Budgeting for Disaster – Part II

Look at it grow So what’s in the state budget? Funny you should ask. In the accompanying chart, you can see the breakout in a graph prepared by the House Fiscal staff. They publish a digest of the budget every year that is pretty helpful in figuring out what’s going on. What you can also […]

Budgeting for Disaster - Part I

Budgeting for Disaster – Part I

One of the problems of political journalism is trying to parse the difference between what’s really going on and what is said about it. Press releases are misleading as often as they are informative, and interviews seldom get at any matters beyond the superficial. That’s the secret pleasure behind budget analysis. A budget document is […]