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5 responses to “Fang activists shut down TD Bank in PVD over Dakota Access Pipeline project”

  1. salgal

    Yup. This is not over.

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  2. Johnnie

    It is clear from the response of the authorities that the N. Dakota access pipeline is a high-stakes battle. First, paid goons hired by Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline company, set their dogs upon peaceful protestors. Democracy Now was there filming as the dogs were biting the protestors and it went out on Facebook. It has received about 14 million hits.

    In another attempt at intimidation, the neutral police – just enforcing the law, of course – arrested Amy Goodman the next day for misdemeanor trespass. I guess they didn’t see her press credentials, or didn’t care. Apparently the press can no longer film demonstrations. The charges were dropped when she appeared in court; but now they are threatening her with felony riot charges. Other journalists and filmmaker have been arrested and charged with felonies, and potentially face years in prison. This is a sign of just how weak – and fearful – the N. Dakota authorities are as they front for the oil and gas cartels.

    The governor of N. Dakota has called in police departments from neighboring states, outfitted with riot gear, automatic weapons and armored personnel carriers, in a show of force and intimidation.

    The pipeline must be protected at all costs from unarmed and dangerous native American families, who are sitting down and being arrested for misdemeanor trespass. These dangerous people – who call themselves the water protectors – have all been stripped-searched after their arrests, to dehumanize and humiliate them and to send a message to all others of what is in store for them if they are arrested.

    This story has been covered all over the world, except by the compliant and disgusting US media whores who are doing everything they can to marginalize the protestors and bury their actions. I did not seen anything in The Journal until today, when they covered the arrests at TD Bank North. The arrests were also covered today on Democracy Now.

    Originally, the pipeline had a route that was closer to Bismark, the capital city. They rerouted the pipeline because of opposition from those who feared a spill would contaminate the water supply of the capital. And this is just what the Native-Americans tribes are protesting, as the pipeline is running along the border of their reservation and threatening their health, safety and……………water supply.

    Nineteen US cities have passed resolutions or written letters opposing the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.

    A shoutout to the sympathetic and courageous resistors from the FANG cooperative for their bold and principled action at TD Bank North in support of the tribes at Standing Rock – and to all their supporters.

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