Sunday Night Movie: FORGIVENESS

Rhode Island’s Future is dedicated to providing both quality news and analysis while also giving showcase to amazing arts and entertainment programming. As part of this, we will begin a new Sunday Night Movie column that goes out of the way to find the quirky, kooky, and weird material we know our readers will enjoy. This week we present the amazing Israeli film FORGIVENESS, directed by Udi Aloni!

Udi Aloni has created an amazing, haunting film that can rightfully be equated with the best works of Stanley Kubrick. He takes on the ever-divisive issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict and delivers a film that is blistering in its critique. Aloni spares no punches and presents an anti-colonialist rebuttal to the morally-decrepit but masterfully-animated WALTZ WITH BASHIR. He follows the journey of David, a New York boy who joins the IDF and ends up shooting a young Palestinian girl. After having a breakdown, he goes for treatment in a mental institution built over the ruins of Deir Yassin, the Palestinian village that was the site of a massacre of brutal proportions during the 1948 Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine overseen by the various Zionist militias that would soon after coalesce into the IDF. Aloni, the son of a culture minister in one of Yitzak Rabin’s governments, has created a picture that will go down as one of the finest his country has ever produced. Viewers should take note of the level of critique Aloni uses and allow it to strengthen their own resolve when confronting racism at home and abroad.


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