Woonsocket: How Tax Equity Can Reduce Burden

There’s no debate about it, Woonsocket, and many other distressed communities, are in trouble. However, while the residents wait for the General Assembly to vote on whether they can issue a supplemental tax bill, there are other measures on the calendar on Smith Hill that could also help the city’s already maxed-out  taxpayers.

Tonight (Monday, May 14) at 5:30 pm in Cercle Laurier, 165 E. School St., residents can come learn how the tax equity bills, making their way through the House an Senate in the form of  H-7729 and S-2622, can raise $131 milllion in revenue; and how that revenue should be targeted to providing relief to distressed cities and towns, like Woonsocket.

While our elected officials continue to give massive tax breaks to Rhode Island’s wealthiest citizens and corporations, and Woonsocket Rep. Jon Brien and Sen. Marc Cote defend these breaks,  lower and middle income Rhode Islanders are struggling to feed their families.

It’s time for people making over $250K/year to pay their fair share and help the middle class–because a strong middle class means more spending and more jobs in local communities. Come to the meeting and help convince Rep. Brien and Sen. Cote top sign onto the tax equity bills, Woonsocket would greatly benefit by your actions.

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Field Director at the Rhode Island AFL-CIO, former editorial staff member at the Providence Journal. Master's candidate in Labor Relations at the University of Rhode Island.

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